Percentaged origin

The origin of all ancestors is determined according to regions and percentages. A world map shows your different origins.

Find relatives

You will receive a list of genetic relatives in your online result. You can contact your relatives by email to find out more about your family and background.

Result with certificate

In addition to the online result, you will receive a noble certificate of origin in a picture frame and other documents in an elegant folder.

Ancient tribe

You will know the haplogroup and migrations (prehistoric time), the ancient tribe (antiquity) as well as the region of origin (Middle Ages) of the paternal line (men) OR the maternal line (women).

All ancient tribes

Only with the iGENEA Expert Test you will know the exact haplogroups and migrations (prehistoric times), the peoples of origin (antiquity) and regions of origin (Middle Ages) of the paternal AND maternal line.

Find all relatives

Only with the iGENEA Expert Test you will find all your genetic relatives in our database.

More relatives

You will receive an additional list of other relatives of the paternal line (men) OR the maternal line (women).

Personal guidance

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iGENEA - since 2003

iGENEA offers a platform for an interdisciplinary origin research. The latest achievements in genetics are combined with research findings from anthropology and history.

Dipl.-Jur. Roman C. Scholz

Dipl.-Jur., Roman C. Scholz has been a genealogist for many years. He has traced his family tree back to 1570. Roman C. Scholz realised that he could make use of DNA testing for his genealogical research early on. He is now one of the world's few experts in the field of DNA surname research and general DNA genealogy.

Dipl. Biol. Joëlle Apter (M.Sc.)
Dipl. Biol. Joëlle Apter completed her master's degree in genetics and anthropology at the University of Zurich in 2003. She was interested in the Polish/Jewish origins of her ancestors from a very early stage (the name 'Apter' comes from 'Opatow'). Joëlle Apter founded iGENEA in 2006.

Dr. sci. Tamara Brown (PhD), Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Dr Tamara Brown completed her master's degree in molecular genetics in 1999. An interest in general behaviour and the science behind behavioural patterns caused her to move to Basel in Switzerland to study neurobiology. She completed her PhD thesis in April 2005 with the distinction 'summa cum laude'. Dr Brown advises iGENEA in scientific matters.

Professor Reinhard Renneberg, Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor Reinhard Renneberg is a lecturer at the Department of Chemistry in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Professor Reinhard Renneberg advises iGENEA in scientific matters. He has also published various trials carried out internally at iGENEA.

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