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Ancient tribe Inuit - Ancestry and origin

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What does the name Inuit mean?

The word "Inuit“ means "human being" and is used as a collective term for various ethnic groups in the arctic regions of America, to which belong the Inuavialuit in Canada as well as the Inupiat, Yupik and Alutiiq in Alaska. The total population numbers today around 125,000 people. The Inuit live in the north of Canada, in Alaska, along the coast and in some degree in the interior of Greenland and the Russian coast.

What is the history of the Inuit?

Archeologists assume, that the Inuit descend from a half-nomadic people that came to Alaska from Siberia around 6,000 B.C.
The Inuit originally lived from fishing and from hunting seals, whales, and caribou. Around 1860, American and Scottish whalers in northern Alaska and the Baffin Islands erected their first coastal stations. Their presence altered the way of life of the indigenous people radically. They became acquainted with metal tools and gained weapons and ships for whaling.
The term "Eskimo“ comes form the Algonquin tribes living in southern Canada and means "eaters of raw meat."

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