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DNA Origins Analysis

"I feel at home in many countries. Now I know why."
"I didn't know my father. After decades I finally found my half brother in the USA."
"I was adopted. Finally I discovered my true origin."
"I didn't know my ancestors came from so many countries."
"Become a part of history you usually only read about in books."
"My Germanic ancestors have lived in Northern Europe for thousands of years."
"My grandmother was right: We do have Jewish ancestors."
"I am descended from the Celts, who already settled my homeland in antiquity."
"I feel at home in many countries. Now I know why."
"I didn't know my father. After decades I finally found my half brother in the USA."
"I was adopted. Finally I discovered my true origin."
"I didn't know my ancestors came from so many countries."
"Become a part of history you usually only read about in books."
"My Germanic ancestors have lived in Northern Europe for thousands of years."
"My grandmother was right: We do have Jewish ancestors."
"I am descended from the Celts, who already settled my homeland in antiquity."

Origin analysis & DNA genealogy

Discover the exciting possibilities offered by a genealogical DNA test. With a DNA test from iGENEA you can explore your roots in a profound way and perhaps find previously unknown relatives. The history of your family comes alive and you can experience your ancestry in all its diversity. Start now your journey into the past that will enrich your own identity and bring your family history to life!

Ancestry and geographical origin

iGENEA's DNA origin analysis is like a journey into the depths of our own history. It reveals the percentages in which we originate from different regions of the world. It is a fascinating journey of discovery to the roots of our existence, connecting us to cultures, peoples and histories that rest on our personal genetic makeup.

Our DNA is a unique puzzle of genetic information that, in a sense, makes us citizens of the world. With a DNA origins analysis, we can put together the puzzle pieces of our origins and find out which different regions of the world we are descended from.

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Discover your history...

Unraveling the Legacy of the 'Larsen' Lineage Through iGENEA DNA Analysis

The journey of discovering the origins and history of my family name through iGENEA DNA analysis was an enlightening affair. From learning about my family’s Scandinavian origins to understanding how the 'Larsen' surname came to be, every single revelation about my lineage left me with a deeper connection to my roots.
» Field report from O. Larsen

Unraveling the Unexpected: A Journey into Seiler's DNA Heritage with iGENEA

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, I undertook an iGENEA DNA test, keen to explore my ancestral history. Being a Seiler, I assumed a mainly German lineage but was met with astonishing revelations about my Celtic, Baltic, and Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. Thus, my journey traced my roots across Europe, telling a saga of migration, adaptation, and resilience, adding more depth to my surname, Seiler.
» Field report from R. Seiler

Unraveling the Threads of History: An Emotive Journey with iGENEA DNA Test

Discovering family roots with iGENEA DNA test was an emotional journey of surprises, shocks, and renewed identity. The unveiling of historical context and geographical roots connected to my surname, Baier, induced feelings of pride, kinship, and belonging.
» Field report from R. Baier

When DNA Test Reignites Lost Family Connections: A Journey with the iGENEA DNA Test and the Hack Family

Embarking on a journey to understand my origins, I used the iGENEA DNA test to reveal the history of my surname, Hack. I connected with numerous distant relatives globally, unveiling a rich familial heritage deeply rooted in Germany. The process was professionally handled, insightful, and well worth the experience.
» Field report from J. Hack

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From which indigenous people are you descended?

The ancient world holds a rich heritage of peoples and cultures that have shaped the history of our humanity. The longing to discover the traces of our ancestors from this fascinating era is deeply rooted in us. With a genealogical DNA test from iGENEA, you can now set off on a remarkable journey into antiquity and find out from which original peoples of this world you are descended.

Jews Vikings Celts Germanic Tribes Basques show all ancient tribes

Which famous people are you related to?

With a DNA test from iGENEA, a fascinating door to the past opens, and the possibility of being related to famous figures in our history suddenly becomes real. This discovery connects us to the fates and legends that have shaped the world. iGENEA's extensive database contains DNA profiles of numerous historical greats, including Princess Diana, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Tutankhamun, Elvis Presley and Genghis Khan.

Albert Einstein Elvis Presley Che Guevara Eva Longoria Bono show all famous people

What does your last name mean?

Researching one's own surname is a fascinating journey into one's family history and can offer deep insights into our origins and ancestry. With a genealogical DNA test from iGENEA, this journey becomes even more exciting as it allows you to investigate the origin and meaning of your surname in more detail. A surname is more than just a word; it carries the history and identity of a family, a culture and a time.

Smith Jones Williams Taylor Brown show all surnames

What do I need to know about the DNA test?

What is the benefit of a DNA test?

Connect the dots of your family: find out where your ancestors came from, what paths they have taken over the centuries and how you are related to people all over the world.

Reveal your ethnic make-up: Discover the different regions of the world where your ancestors came from. Lernen Sie die Kulturen und Traditionen kennen, die zusammenfließen, um das einzigartige Mosaik Ihrer Herkunft zu bilden.

Find lost relatives: A DNA test can help you find relatives you never knew you had. Expand your family circle and make new connections.

Create your own family directory: Dokumentieren Sie Ihre Familiengeschichte für zukünftige Generationen und bewahren Sie Ihr Erbe.

How can I find out if I am noble or related to a famous person?

The iGENEA Premium Test gives you a Y-DNA or mtDNA profile that can be compared to the profiles of many famous personalities. If you want to compare yourself with a specific person, you can also contact us before placing an order.

How long will I have access to the genealogical DNA database?

You have the possibility of searching for other relatives for an entire lifetime. New matches with your profile are investigated in the scope of each new test, this means that the number of your "genetic cousins" grow increasingly. Even your descendants will be able to benefit from this access and complete their family tree. Your right to online access will never be cancelled, unless you instruct otherwise.

How far back does a DNA genealogy test go?

The basic test goes back to approx. 2,000 years. Premium and Expert tests date back to approx. 100,000 years.

Are there any additional costs when I order a DNA origin analysis?

The prices for our tests include all costs for sending the sampling set, laboratory analysis, interpretation of the result, unlimited customer service, access to the database and the result, both online and in writing. Only the shipping costs for returning the samples to us have to be paid additionally. This way you choose how you send back the samples.

DNA origin analysis

Perhaps our DNA analysis will lead us to the vast steppes of Mongolia, home of Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire, once the greatest empire in history. The Mongols are known for their unique way of life, horsemanship, and historical significance. A connection with this fascinating people could immerse us in a culture still strongly influenced by traditions and history.

We might discover that part of our genetic makeup comes from the majestic Andes Mountains of South America, where the Inca civilization once flourished. This region is characterized by breathtaking landscapes, a rich culture, and a history that predates European colonization. The connection to the Andes could give us a special connection to the descendants of the Incas and their heritage.

Our journey could also take us to the mystical forests of Scandinavia, where the Vikings and Germanic warriors left their mark. This region is not only geographically stunning, but also rich in sagas, myths and legends. Connecting with the Nordic peoples could immerse us in a world of epic battles and Norse gods.

DNA analysis could take us to the sun-drenched regions of the Mediterranean, where the history of antiquity lives on in the ruins of Rome, Athens and Alexandria. Mediterranean culture is characterized by art, philosophy and culinary delights. A connection to this timeless heritage could give us a deeper understanding of the roots of Western civilization.

The fascinating diversity of our DNA origins reveals to us that we are citizens of the world and that our ancestors came from a wide variety of regions and cultures. Each region, country and continent has a unique history that brings our DNA to life. Connecting to these different regions is a window into our own history that goes far beyond our personal experience.

iGENEA's DNA origin analysis awakens the curiosity within us to explore our own roots and understand the stories of our ancestors. It is a journey to the cultural treasures of the world, connecting us to the people and traditions that have shaped our DNA. This discovery of our origins can not only be fascinating, but also foster a deeper appreciation for the diversity and unity of humanity. It is an invitation to unlock the secrets of our DNA and explore the wonderful world of human ancestry.

DNA of the Vikings, Celts, Jews and Basques

The ancient world spans different ages and continents, from the sophisticated civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia to the legendary warrior cultures such as the Romans, Greeks, Germanic tribes and Celts.

Imagine if you could trace if you were descended from the mighty Romans. Your ancestors might have been part of the Roman Empire and worked on epochal structures like the Colosseum or the Appian Way. Their life stories may be intertwined with the myths of the Roman gods and the spectacular gladiator fights.

Or perhaps you are among the descendants of the ancient Greeks, the creators of philosophy, literature and the Olympic Games. Your ancestors may have lived amid the thriving culture of Athens and admired the stories of heroes like Odysseus and Hercules.

Genealogical DNA testing can also reveal traces of Celtic and Germanic ancestors. The Celts spanned much of Europe, leaving behind cultural treasures and stories, while the Germanic tribes also made their brave voyages as Vikings on the world's oceans. you could be a descendant of explorers and adventurers who traveled the world, leaving their cultural influences along the way.

DNA testing also allows you to explore your connection to early humans such as Neanderthals and other prehistoric peoples. Your ancestors may have lived in a time when survival was in harmony with nature and in constant competition with other early humans.

The history of the ancient world is a treasure trove of cultures, traditions and stories that have shaped the course of human history. With a genealogical DNA test, you have the opportunity to explore your connection to these diverse peoples and cultures of antiquity. Your ancestors may have been artisans, traders, farmers or warriors, leaving their mark on the cities, villages, battles and trade routes of this world.

The history of the ancient world is an endless journey into the past. With a DNA test from iGENEA, you can rediscover the chapters of your ancestors' adventures in ancient times. Dive into the world of primitive peoples and cultures and find out which fascinating peoples you are descended from. Your ancestors helped shape the history of the world, and now you can be part of this unforgettable story that continues for generations.

DNA from Napoleon, Elvis, Einstein and Princess Diana

With a DNA test from iGENEA, a fascinating door to the past opens, and the possibility of being related to famous figures in our history suddenly becomes real. This discovery connects us to the fates and legends that have shaped the world. DNA profiles of numerous historical greats are stored in iGENEA's extensive database, including Princess Diana, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Tutankhamun, Elvis Presley and Genghis Khan.

Princess Diana, the "Queen of Hearts," was known for her beauty and humanitarian efforts. Her legacy spans generations and inspires people worldwide. When you discover that you are related to this remarkable woman, you are honored not only with a royal lineage, but also with a connection to one of the most inspiring women of the 20th century.

Albert Einstein, the brilliant physicist, revolutionized science with his theory of relativity. His discoveries changed our understanding of the universe and continue to impact modern physics today. A relationship with Einstein would symbolize not only intelligence and a spirit of research, but also a connection to one of the greatest minds in science.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the legendary Emperor of the French, led his people in numerous battles and conquests. His impact on European history was monumental. Discovering a kinship with Napoleon would mean that you carry a part of the historical heritage that shaped the world. Tutankhamun, the young pharaoh of ancient Egypt, is associated with his legendary tomb and the treasures found within. The connection to this ancient ruler would bring a piece of Egyptian history and culture into your own family history.

Elvis Presley, the "King of Rock 'n' Roll," took the music world by storm and is revered by millions of fans to this day. A kinship with Elvis Presley would mean that you carry the musical talent and passion for the stage in your genes.

Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, one of the most influential monarchs of the 18th century, ruled over the Habsburg Empire and championed education and reform. Her exceptional leadership skills and commitment to social justice are remarkable. A kinship with Maria Theresa would not only bring royal splendor to our ancestral gallery, but also the virtues of a remarkable woman who guided the destiny of a powerful empire.

Ötzi, the "Iceman," is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the 20th century. He lived in the Alps over 5,000 years ago and his well-preserved corpse gives us a fascinating insight into life in the Copper Age. The possibility of being related to Ötzi would mean that we carry a heritage of hunter-gatherers who lived in a time we know only from history books.

Nelson Mandela, the symbolic figure of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, was committed to freedom and justice. His struggle against oppression and his legacy of peace are known worldwide. Discovering a kinship with Mandela would evoke not only pride and inspiration, but also the belief that change is possible when fighting for a more just world.

The importance of such kinship or ancestry can hardly be overestimated. It links us to the legacy and accomplishments of these historical greats and adds a deeper dimension to our own history. It is a connection to the people who have shaped the world through their deeds, ideas and talents. A DNA test from iGENEA allows us to discover this precious connection and enrich our family identity. It is an emotional and exciting treasure that impressively shows the continuity of history and human achievements.

Origin and meaning of your surname

Surnames are an integral part of human culture and society and have different meanings and origins in different cultures and at different times. The origin of surnames often goes back to historical and social factors.

In many cultures, surnames emerged as a means of identifying individuals and organizing societies. In Europe, for example, during the Middle Ages, surnames were often derived from occupation. A blacksmith might have the surname "Schmidt," while a miller was called "Müller." These occupational names were helpful in distinguishing people from one another in rural societies.

Another common origin of surnames is in geographic features. People were given surnames that indicated their place of origin. If someone came from a town, they could have that town's name as their surname. Another important origin of surnames is ancestry. These surnames indicate that someone came from a particular family or clan. Examples of such surnames are "Johnson" (son of John) or "O'Brien" (son of Brian). Inheritance of surnames has traditionally been carried on from generation to generation in many cultures along paternal lines.

This is where DNA testing comes in. The Y chromosome, which is only passed down from fathers to their sons, can help explore paternal lineage. A genealogical DNA test from iGENEA analyzes the Y chromosome and can reveal connections to other people with the same last name. This makes it possible to identify common ancestors and understand the origin of the surname in more detail.

DNA testing can also help trace the migrations and migrations of our ancestors. In many cultures and regions, surnames have evolved over centuries as families and communities moved and settled new areas. Genealogical DNA testing can help map the route our ancestors took and give us a deeper understanding of how our surname came to be and how it spread.

Researching our own surname is one way to deepen our family identity and discover the roots of our ancestors. With a genealogical DNA test from iGENEA, we can explore the meaning and origin of our last name on an even deeper level. This helps to better understand the history of our family and our culture, and strengthens our connection to the people who carried our last name in the past. Our last names are more than just words - they are a key to our own history and identity.


Genealogical DNA testing has revolutionized the world of genealogical research, offering exciting possibilities that were unthinkable until recently.

Finding relatives is arguably one of the most exciting results of genealogical DNA testing. By comparing genetic data with others in our database, connections to living relatives can be uncovered that were previously unknown. This can lead to emotional reunions, reconnecting family branches and clarifying kinship relationships that had been forgotten. DNA can be a kind of "family code" that allows the puzzle of kinship to be pieced together.

A genealogical DNA test from iGENEA can also help in overcoming "dead spots" in family history. Anyone involved in genealogy is familiar with those frustrating gaps in records where it is difficult or impossible to go back further. This is where genetic information comes into play. It can provide clues to kinship and ancestry that go beyond the confines of written records. This makes it possible to explore family connections that were previously hidden.

A particularly exciting aspect of genealogical DNA testing is the discovery of information about ancestors for whom written records no longer exist. This can go back to the deepest past, where historical documents no longer exist. Nevertheless, genetic research can offer us insights into our prehistoric origins and evolutionary history. For example, certain DNA markers can provide clues to the migratory movements of our ancestors, and genetic anthropology can reveal how humanity evolved over the millennia.

Another application for discovering information missing from written records involves adoptions. Many people who have been adopted have limited access to information about their biological origins. Genealogical DNA testing can help find biological relatives and provide a connection to their roots that was previously denied them. This can be an extremely emotional and identity-building experience. Overall, genealogical DNA tests offer an exciting tool for genealogical research. They can help locate relatives, fill in gaps in family history, and discover information about ancestors that has been lost in written records. These tests are not only a window into our own history, but also a gateway to a deeper connection with our roots. Thus, they allow us to explore the past and enrich our family identity in new ways.

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