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Scandinavian Ancestors

I began to research my family ancestry about 25 years ago. My wife and went back to my/ our home town and did some looking around in the church records. We got copies of the birth records going back to the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. Since then I collect all references to our name and store these in genealogy software.

In my profession as a chemical engineer I was able to follow the development of DNA analysis. I had hoped for years that this technology would find its way into the field of genealogy. The prospect of getting more precise information about my origins and the option of finding relatives all over the world made the decision to order a “Plus-Combo” Test with iGENEA an easy one.

The result showed that my medieval ancestors (10th-11th Centuries A.D.) were Scandinavians, Vikings on the paternal side and Saami (archaic “Lapps”) on the maternal. Right now I am working on more precisely clarifying the relationships among the various matches with other people who’ve been tested in a DNA-Family-Tree or Y-Search database.

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Beat Begert, Schweiz

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This story has been published on: 12.03.2013

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