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Decoding the Basque Footprint: A DNA Journey of the Surname Aguirre

Family name Aguirre

The iGENEA DNA test, with a concentrated analysis of the surname Aguirre, provided profound insights into my ancestral roots. Traces of the ancient Basque people and an unmistakable genetic footprint mapped through Y-DNA, mtDNA, and autosomal DNA analysis, shed light on my unique heritage, cementing my ties with the oldest ethnic group in Europe.

My iGENEA DNA test results unravelled an enthralling culmination of scientific revelations. The main focus was my surname, Aguirre, and what it represents in terms of lineage, ethnicity, and geographical origin. Remarkably, the DNA evaluation gives a profound glance at the extensive history of my ancestors and enlightening information about my genetic makeup.

According to the retrieved data, the surname Aguirre is prominently Basque. The Basques are considered one of the oldest ethnic groups in Europe, predominantly from the region overlapping North-Central Spain and South-Western France. Interestingly, the Basque population is distinguished for its unique genetic make-up, significantly differing from the genetic pool of surrounding populations.

The results indicate a strong Y-DNA haplogroup R1b correlation, typical to West-Eurasian males, and associated predominantly with the Basques' genetic footprint. The specificity and prevalence of R1b among the Basque DNA are here, undoubtedly echoing a historical continuity.

Furthermore, the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), tracing the maternal lineage of Aguirre, holds a distinctive variance. The mtDNA H haplogroup, a standard marker among the Basques, suggests a direct genetic lineage through my maternal line that is strongly entwined with the ancient Basque heritage.

Another crucial aspect of the test involved autosomal DNA that comprises the bulk of genetic material passed down through generations. It revealed a distinctive admixture of European genetic material over the centuries, enhancing the complexity and richness of my DNA.

Overall, the iGENEA DNA test portrayed a vivid picture of my ancestral roots, tying me closely to the Basque ethnicity and to an unpredictable blend of other European lineages through the ages.

D. Aguirre

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