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Surname Baade - Meaning and Origin

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Baade: What does the surname Baade mean?

The last name Baade is of German origin, and it is believed to have begun as a nickname for someone who lived in a place of heavy winds. It is derived from the old German word 'bad' meaning 'storm' or 'wind'. The name may have been given to a person who was known for being fierce, strong or brave, much like a storm. In addition, the name Baade may derive from the old personal name Baldebrand, which comes from the German words bald meaning 'brave' or 'bold' and brand meaning 'fiery sword'.

The Baade family name is associated with prosperity and success. It is also related to a sense of strength and reliability. The Baade family has been called courageous and bold. They are known for having a keen eye for detail and a hard-working nature. The Baade family has also been known for their loyalty and friendship.

Though much of the origin of the Baade name is unknown, family members are tasked with carrying the spirit of 'storm' and 'wind', and with honoring a legacy of boldness and loyalty in all that they do.

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Baade: Where does the name Baade come from?

The last name Baade is most commonly found today in Germany, particularly in the north central regions. It is believed to be of German origin, derived from the Middle High German words “bād” and “bade”, both of which mean “bath”, and thus the surname may have indicated a person who was involved in the practice of bathing. Other German speaking countries such as Switzerland, Austria and Luxembourg also boast Baade families.

Outside of Central Europe, Baade families can be found in many parts of the world; including the United States, Australia, Canada, Brazil and parts of Africa. As a result of the surname’s origin, it is believed to have spread with the Germanic migrations of the 16th and 17th century, and also with the various stages of German emigration in the 19th and 20th century.

In the US, the top five states with the highest number of people in the Baade ancestry group are Pennsylvania, New York, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Texas. All of these states have large populations of German descendants, indicating a strong presence of people with Baade origins.

In Germany the highest concentration of people with this last name can be found in Northern Hesse, the former East Germany regions, and the cities of Berlin and Hamburg. In Switzerland, it is most common in the Aargau canton and in the capital of Zurich. In Australia, the top regions for Baade ancestry are Victoria, New South Wales, and Western Australia.

Although relatively scarce in comparison to other surnames, the Baade surname is well represented in a number of countries around the world. Today’s Baade families can be proud of their far-reaching Germanic roots.

Variations of the surname Baade

The surname Baade is an old Germanic name that can be found in many variations today. It is likely derived from the German and Dutch words 'bade', which translate to 'bathhouse'. Common variants of the surname include Baade, Bade, Bahde, Baede, Baedt, Baedte, Baedtke, Badee, Baedeker, Bathade, Batade, Bathe, Bathe('s), Baethke, and Baethge.

The variations of Baade generally all involve the addition or substitution of a letter or two, and the rearrangement of the order of the letters. For example, 'bade' to 'baedt' or 'baethke'.

In Germany, spelling variants are more common than in the Netherlands. The most popular spelling in the Netherlands is Baade, while in Germany, the spelling Bade is more common. Additionally, there are variants of the surname that incorporate the regional suffixes -er and -ke. For example, Baeder and Baedtke.

Other variations include Bret, Bratte, Brattke, and Brauer. These are likely derived from the German word 'brauen', which means 'to brew'.

Finally, in some western European cultures, the surname may be spelled 'Baehde' or 'Beide'. This appears to be a hybrid of the original name and the Dutch word 'de', meaning 'of'.

In summary, Baade is a surname with many variants and international variations, all of which are derived from old Germanic and Dutch roots. Different variations of the name are found all over Europe, often incorporating regional dialects and suffixes.

Famous people with the name Baade

  • Reinhold Baade: Modern pentathlon athlete, who competed for East Germany at the 1976 Olympics.
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Baade: German theologian, philosopher and polymath of the 17th century, best known for his works on spiritual healing and occultism.
  • Wolfgang Baade: German astrophysicist and astronomer who made important discoveries regarding the interstellar medium.
  • Johannes Baade: Prussian-born professor of Mineralogy at the University of Tuebingen, Germany.
  • Gunnar Baade: German physical chemist and professor at the Doomsday Institute for Nuclear Synthesis.
  • Carl Baade: Former German professional ice hockey player, now retired.
  • Franz Julius Baade: German neobaroque architect of the 19th century, renowned for his rebuilding of the Prinz-Heinrich barracks in Delitzsch and the Grosse Kreuzkirche in Leipzig.
  • Hans Hermann Baade: German National Socialist politician who served as Mayor of Munich from 1933 to 1945.
  • Mostafa Baade: Iranian football player and coach who currently manages Persepolis in the Persian Gulf Pro League.
  • Alexander Baade: German former kickboxing champion who is now retired.

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