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Surname Baarsch - Meaning and Origin

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Baarsch: What does the surname Baarsch mean?

The last name Baarsch is a patronymic surname, meaning it derives from a personal name. It is an occupational name that derives from the German word ‘bär,’ which means ‘a bear’. The name Baarsch refers to a person who worked with animals, such as a hunter, trapper, or wrangler. The name was also often taken on by people in positions of power or authority who had the task of protecting the people from wild animals and keeping the forests and woodlands safe.

The Baarsch surname is found historically in Germany, specifically the regions of Brandenburg, Prussia, and Pomerania. In London, records date to 1550 that use the spelling of Barze. The first record of the name in the United States appears to have been in 1739 when a man named Johannes Baarsch, or Bears, immigrated from Germany to New York.

Additionally, the name is particularly prominent in the Dutch language, where the spelling is ‘Baars’. It is also found in Sweden, and fluctuating spellings of the name are found due to the influence of language and dialect from the regions it is found.

The name Baarsch is an occupational name that derives from the German word ‘bär’, meaning ‘a bear’. Early records of the name date to 1550 in London. It is found throughout Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and the United States. It is specific to people who worked with animals, or those in positions of power or authority.

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Baarsch: Where does the name Baarsch come from?

The last name Baarsch is not particularly common today. It appears to be primarily found in Germany, primarily in the states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is also found in Romania and other countries in Europe, as well as in the United States. Baarsch is an old German surname, derived from the house of Barsch (also spelled Baarsch), a noble line that was active in the area starting in the late 1500s. The central members of the house were the counts of barsch, their oldest known ancestor being Count Baldinger von Barsch, who was mentioned in a document in 1590.

In Germany, the surname is most commonly found in the northwest, where the majority of its bearers live. In particular, the states of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Hesse, Bremen, Hamburg, Schleswig-Holstein, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern have the largest concentrations of Baarsches. In the United States, the last name is much less common and is found mainly in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Iowa. It is also popular in Romania, especially in the Transylvania region.

Overall, the last name Baarsch is not extremely common today, but the number of people with the name in each country is not insignificant.

Variations of the surname Baarsch

The surname Baarsch has a variety of spellings and variants, depending on cultural and regional variance. Throughout Europe, there are a number of words that have the same origin as Baarsch.

One of the earliest known spellings of this surname is Barsik, which is most likely an Eastern European version of the original name. This spelling is still used by some in the area today.

The Dutch version of this name is Baarssen, and this is most likely the version of the name that is used most commonly in the Netherlands. Baarssen has been used by people from the Netherlands since the 1600s, though other variations of the name have been noted before that.

In Germany, a similar version of this surname is Barstch, as well as Baarch. Both of these variations have been used for centuries in Germany, and are still popular among German people.

The English version of the surname is Barsh, and it has been in use in the United Kingdom since the 1600s as well. However, this variation of the name is not as popular today as some of the other versions.

Lastly, there is Baarsch, the version which is the most popular in North American countries. This variant has the same origin as the other versions, but is the preferred spelling in the Americas.

Overall, all the spellings and variants of the name Baarsch have the same origin, but that does not mean they are interchangeable. Each variation is unique and has its own history and meaning.

Famous people with the name Baarsch

  • Hans Baarsch: A German entrepreneur and founder of several furniture manufacturing businesses during the late 1800s
  • Jürgen Baarsch: A former East German football player and coach
  • Max Baarsch: A German football player who currently plays for SpVgg Unterhaching
  • Karl Baarsch: A German-born American Old Testament scholar
  • Christian Baarsch: A German operatic tenor
  • Augusta Baarsch: A German artist who was a pioneer in the field of panels on historical subjects
  • Ansgar Baarsch: A former East German cyclist and winner of the 1987 East German national road race championships
  • Otto Baarsch: A German operatic tenor who performed with the Dresden State Opera between 1916 and 1949
  • Christiande Baarsch: A German operatic singer and music theorist who was active in the mid-19th century
  • Eva Baarsch: An Austrian film actress who appeared in over 50 films between 1959 and 1985

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