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Surname Bachiler - Meaning and Origin

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Bachiler: What does the surname Bachiler mean?

The last name Bachiler is an English surname derived from "bacheler" which has roots in both Middle and Old French. The name originally denoted a young knight who went to war but had not yet been dubbed with the title of knight. As such, the name was commonly seen alongside the title "esquire".

In many families, the surname Bachiler has been used as an occupational name such as a sergeant or margrave. However, the higher form of the surname is often retained in marriages between noble families to hold onto the pedigree, marking the family as hail from ancient English nobility.

Many Anglicised versions of the surname exist, including: Bachelor, Bachlor, Batchiler, Batchiller, Bechellor, Batchellor, Batchlour, and Batchlow. Some individuals with the surname changed their names to signify different standings in society, such as businessmen adopting the production 'Batchlaw Frare'.

In general, the surname Bachiler signifies English nobility but in modern times it has come to mean a hardworking and dedicated individual, whether they be someone with a career in law, a knight, an esquire or something entirely different.

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Bachiler: Where does the name Bachiler come from?

The last name Bachiler is most commonly found in Northern England and parts of Scotland today. The name is believed to have originated in Old English and can be found in early records in Yorkshire and Lancashire as far back as 1200 AD.

The name is usually found with combinations of Batch, Backler or Bachilor and can be spelt in different ways. Variations include Bacchilar, Batchler, Bachilor, Batch Ghyllier, Bachiler, Batchliere, Bechilore, Bechilor, Bukeler, Bacchellor, Bakeler, and Baccheler.

Bachiler can also be found in the United States and Canada, however the frequency is much lower. In particular, the family is often associated with Nova Scotia in Canada and the states of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ohio in the US.

The Bachiler name has also been well documented in Scotland, typically in the form of Bachelor (Bacheler, Backler, Bicker). The family can be traced back to the highlands of Scotland and even to the Shetland and Orkney Islands.

Today, the Bachiler name is still preserved in certain areas of the British Isles, with the greatest concentration in the North of England in areas such as Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria, and the Scottish Highlands.

Variations of the surname Bachiler

The surname Bachiler is a spelling variation of the surname Bachelor, which is an English patronymic (son of) surname. The name originates from the Anglo-Norman French word 'bacheler', which is a feudal term for a young knight starting out on his career.

Variant spellings of the surname Bachiler/Bachelor include Backler, Batchillar, Batcheller, Bacheler, Batchelor, Bachellor, Bachellar, and Batchlere.

The other surnames of the same origin include Bachelour, Bachillour, Baconer, Baconnor, Batchellor, Becher, Bichener, Beconor, Bakelar, Bachaller, Bakelar, Bakler, Becher, Beconler, Bachener, Batheroger, Bakeller, Baccar, Bachiler, Baccard, Baccano, Baccatur, and Baccutaure.

The German surname Bachler is derived from the Old German word 'bacho', meaning 'stream' or 'brook'. In Germany, Bachler is sometimes found as Backer, Backer, Bacher, Becker, Bäcker, and Bächer.

In the Scottish Highlands, the surname Bachiler was adopted as an Anglicisation of the Gaelic patronymic surnames Mac an Bhàillir or Mac Ghill-bhacaire, which mean 'son of the baille/bailiff'.

Overall, the Bachiler surname was used to refer to a young knight, a medieval bailiff, or even to someone living near a stream.

Famous people with the name Bachiler

  • John Bachiler: English preacher and anti-Puritan known for his part in the formation of Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the early 1600s.
  • Philipp Bachiler: a 16th-century Swiss theologian, preacher, and reformer of the English Church.
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: one of the most famous Baroque composers widely admired for his work as both a performer and a composer.
  • Johann Christoph Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach's eldest brother who mentored him musically and encouraged Johann Sebastian's musical career.
  • Maria Anna Bach: an Austrian pianist who gave performance of Bach fugues and was the first to transcribe several of Johann Sebastian Bach's works for keyboard.
  • Leopold Bach: father of Johann Sebastian Bach and noted composer, violinist, and trumpeter in his own right.
  • William Bachiler: English clergyman and founder of the English settlement in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in the 1630s.
  • Johann Ernst Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach's youngest brother who studied theology and taught at the Thomasschule in Leipzig.
  • Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach's son who became a respected composer in his own right and was a noted flutist.
  • Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Johann Sebastian Bach's eldest son and a respected composer, organist, harpsichordist, and violinist.

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