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From a Small German Town to the Viking Age: An Unexpected Lineage Discovery

Family name Bölte

Discovering the unexpected ancestral ties to the Scandinavian Vikings, the iGENEA DNA test has dramatically enhanced my self-understanding and notably shifted my perception on my lineage in a captivating manner.

My experience with the iGENEA DNA test has provided me incredibly fascinating insights into my lineage. To say that the results were unexpected would be an understatement. Through this process, it was revealed to me that the Bölte family, my ancestors, did not originate from the locale that I had always believed it to be. It turns out, my bloodline extends far beyond the small town in Germany where generations of Böltes have lived; rather, we trace our roots back to Scandinavian lands. This realization has presented a shift in my self-understanding and identity. It wasn't merely a lineage discovery; it felt like uncovering hidden pieces of my true self that were lost in historic narratives.

Before the test, my understanding of my heritage was based on family tales and fragmented pieces of information. Today, I am stunned to comprehend that I am a descendant of the fierce Viking warriors, who during the Viking Age, were widely recognized for their strength and ingenuity. This revelation has not only reshaped my perception of my heritage but also enriched my sense of self, adding unexpected facets to my identity.

The journey of understanding my lineage amplified my appreciation for genetics and made me realize the veritable treasure trove of information it contains about one's past. I would highly recommend the iGENEA DNA test to anyone aiming to delve deeper into their past and uncover their true lineage. My journey with the Bölte clan has been extraordinary - an odyssey through time that provided me with a newfound cultural and historical context, exhilarating insights and a profound appreciation for my forebears' resilience and journey.

In retrospect, the iGENEA DNA test has been more than just a scientific experiment. It has been a vehicle that transported me back to my ancestors' era, enabling a profoundly personal understanding of my roots and heritage. As I journey forward, charting my own course, I do so with a greater sense of connection to my past and an enriched understanding of my identity.

I. Bölte

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