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Surname Brower - Meaning and Origin

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Brower: What does the surname Brower mean?

The last name Brower is of English and Dutch origin. It stems from the Dutch word "brouwer," which translates to "brewer" in English. Since surnames were often given to individuals based on their profession, a person with the Brower surname was likely an ancestor who worked as a brewer of beer or ale. This was a significant job in medieval times due to the unsafe drinking water, as beer was consumed as a safe alternative. The name could also originate from the English "brow" or "brower", signifying someone who lived by a brow or brower (a steep hill or brink). This would have been a topographical name used to describe where an individual lived or came from. Furthermore, Brower can occasionally be an altered spelling of the German surname Brauer which also translates to brewer. As with any surname, various spelling forms can occur, and there might be other meaning variations depending on geographical regions and historical periods.

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Brower: Where does the name Brower come from?

The last name Brower is of Dutch and German origin. The name was originally occupational, derived from the Dutch/German word 'brouwer' which means 'brewer'. It was typically used for individuals who brewed beer or ale.

In Holland during the 16th century, a person was often identified by their occupation which gradually became hereditary and evolved into surnames as we know them today. So, individuals or families associated with brewing profession were recognized as ‘Brouwer’ or ‘Brower’.

Nowadays, Brower is a common surname in the United States, largely due to significant Dutch and German immigration in the 18th and 19th centuries. The surname is also prevalent in the Netherlands due to its origin there. Other parts of the world where Dutch and German immigrants have settled, like South Africa, Canada, and Australia, have inhabitants with Brower as their last name.

Variations of the surname Brower

The surname "Brower" has several variations and alternate spellings due to its historical origin and transcription over time. These versions may include Brewer, Brouwer, Brewster, Brauer, Bräuer, and Browar.

The name 'Brower' is predominantly of Dutch origin, derived from the occupational name for a brewer of beer or ale. "Brouwer" is the direct Dutch translation for brewer, explaining the variation between these two spellings. German variations of this name typically include "Brauer" or "Bräuer", both translated to mean brewer.

It can also be a variant of the surname Brewster, especially common in Scottish and English heritage. Here, the "-ster" is an old English suffix denoting a woman's occupation, so a Brewster would have likely been a female brewer.

Furthermore, Eastern European nations such as Poland and Ukraine may use the variation 'Browar', which is the Polish word for brewery.

The surnames Brown or Browne might sometimes be confused or interchanged with Brower due to their phonetic similarity, but they are not directly related as they have different origins and meanings.

Despite minor regional differences, all variants of Brower relate to the occupation of brewing, a trade vital in medieval times.

Famous people with the name Brower

  • Charles F. Brower: American lawyer and judge who served as a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Alaska and Chief Judge of the United States Court of International Trade
  • Anne Brower: British filmmaker and television producer
  • Griffen Brower: American actor, singer, dancer, and playwright
  • Wallace Brower: American poet
  • Loren Brower: American ice hockey player
  • Kenneth Brower: American conservationist, writer, and environmental activist
  • David Brower: American environmentalist and founder of the Sierra Club
  • John Wade Brower: American Civil War soldier and recipient of the Medal of Honor
  • Peggy Brower: American broadcaster and television personality
  • Ernst Charles Brower: American navy officer and commander of the Multinational Force and Observers in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula
  • Daniel Morris Brower: former president of the University of Mary Washington
  • Nadine Brower Stannus: Irish-American entomologist
  • Kim Brower: American coach, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and CEO
  • Jacob H. Brower: American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Justin Brower: American keyboardist and rhythm guitarist of metalcore band Invent, Animate

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