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Tracing the Unforeseen Journey of the Browne Surname: A Personal Account of My iGENEA DNA Test Results

Family name Browne

Unexpected turns in ancestry is something to look forward to when taking a DNA test. Like many others, I also took one to unveil the mysteries linked with my surname, Browne, and it turned up surprises, particularly the Norman ancestry, which was previously unknown to me. Connections to Spain and the Middle East were the truly surprising elements.

The iGENEA DNA test provided me with an opportunity to delve deeper into my heritage and discover more about the historical journey of the Browne surname. It came with its fair amount of surprises and unexpected turns, providing me with a broader perspective of my lineage and roots. The most fascinating part was the origin of the Browne surname which, to my surprise, has its flow rooted in the nobility of Norman descent. Although my family has always believed that we're thoroughly British, the test clearly showed a strong Norman ancestry in our genetic makeup. The connections to Spain and the Middle East were the most surprising, as they were totally unexpected. The journey of my ancestors, as revealed by the DNA test, has given me a deeper understanding and respect for my heritage.

Q. Browne

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