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Tracing the Celtic and Viking Roots of the Greenfield Surname Through iGENEA DNA Testing

Family name Greenfield

The DNA journey, tracing my origins using the iGENEA DNA test has been quite an illuminating experience. The test has demonstrated the mixed heritage of the Greenfield surname, with substantial lineage stemming from the British Isles and Northwestern Europe. The test indicates ancient migration patterns, revealing my forebears were Celts and Vikings. The results unveil an appealing mix of Celtic and Viking ancestry in the genetic makeup of my Greenfield forebears.

My iGENEA DNA test results have provided stunning revelations about my Greenfield ancestors. These tests have contributed significantly to an understanding of the Greenfield family history, tracing origins not solely based on genealogical research, but by employing advanced genetic testing. I found that the majority of my lineage stems from the British Isles and Northwestern Europe, with dominant markers indicating my forebears were Celts and Vikings.

The iGENEA DNA test reveals the breakdown of my autosomal DNA, providing insights into my genetic makeup. This test highlights that 75% of my genetic markers originate from Northwestern Europe, primarily Germany, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. In specific relation to the Greenfield surname, it highly suggests that my Greenfield forebears were of British origin, possibly migrating to other parts of Europe, including Germany and Denmark. The results also indicate the pronounced Celtic and Viking influence, which aligns with historical migrations across these regions.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the DNA test was the discovery about my paternal lineage through testing my Y-Chromosomal DNA. What was revealed is that my Greenfield ancestors share a common paternal lineage with the R1b haplogroup, the most common in Western Europe. This indicates my Greenfield ancestors were likely Celts, corroborating written historical evidence.

Adding to these findings, the analysis of my mitochondrial DNA, a type of DNA passed down from mothers to their children, indicates a significant influence from the Haplogroup H, commonly associated with the Vikings. This finding clearly shows that my Greenfield forebears on my mother's side have significant connections to Nordic regions and Viking ancestry.

In summary, the iGENEA DNA test showcases an intricate and diverse genetic story for me and the Greenfield family name. Not only does it strengthen the historical narrative of the surname, but it disproves the assumption that the surname originates solely from the British Isles. The test has revealed layers upon layers of human migration, intermarriage, and cultural exchanges that have shaped the story of the Greenfield lineage.

G. Greenfield

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