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Surname Hermelink - Meaning and Origin

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Hermelink: What does the surname Hermelink mean?

The last name Hermelink is of Dutch origin, derived from the Old German words ‘Herman’ and ‘Link’. People of the same name are believed to be descended from a family that settled near the German/Dutch border. The name itself roughly translates to “army helm”, inferring the person was a member of a noble army, likely one made up of soldiers belonging to the various independent fiefs of Northern Europe.

Within the Netherlands, the Hermelink surname is particularly common within the provinces of Gronignen and Friesland. People with the Hermelink surname are typically of Dutch Protestant or Catholic origin, depending on the locality. Historically, members of the surname appear to have held positions of power and influence both regionally and nationally.

The Hermelink family name is associated with numerous successful entrepreneurs, including those in sectors such as water-management and dairy farming. The Hermelinks are also well known in Dutch literature, as the name can be found in numerous plays, novels and poems written by Dutch authors.

In the modern world, the Hermelink name remains popular amongst Dutch families. It has also been adopted elsewhere in Europe due to migration patterns. Generally, the Hermelink name implies honor, courage and success. It carries with it a long history of distinguished accomplishment.

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Hermelink: Where does the name Hermelink come from?

The last name Hermelink is most commonly found in the Netherlands today. It is believed to be of Dutch or Frisian origin. In 2004, the Hermelink surname was the 10th most common family name in the Netherlands. The name is derived from the words "hermelin" which translates to "ermine," a type of weasel, and "link," which means "related to or connected to."

In addition to the Netherlands, Hermelink is also found in other countries including Germany, Belgium, and the United States. In Germany, the name is mainly found in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. In the United States, it is most common in the Midwest and Upper Midwest states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Figures from the 2000 United States Census show that there were approximately 550 people bearing the last name Hermelink living in the United States.

The family name is believed to have originated as a patronym; people with this surname likely being descended from a father whose given name is Harm or Herman. In the Netherlands, the name can take on modified forms such as Hermelinkx and Hermelinckx. In other countries, it may also be spelled with a "k" instead of "c" or an "x" instead of "k" at the end.

Variations of the surname Hermelink

Hermelink is a rare surname with Dutch origins, likely derived from the medieval personal name "Ermelund" or "Ermelin". It is also found in Germany, where it may have been a short form of "Hermann" which means “army”. In the English language, the surname is mainly spelled as Hermelink and Harmelek, although different variants can exist. In German, the surname is spelled Hermannk and Hermelink, while in Dutch it is spelled Hermelinck, Ermelink, Ermelek, Ermelinde or Hermelein.

In addition, there are two other surnames that are notably related to Hermelink—Herman and Harman. These were likely derived from the same root as Hermelink, but are also found in other countries.

Hermelink also has a few other variants that are considered to be related, including Hermelin, Harman, Hermelek, Ermelink, Ermelinden, Hermanke, Harmelek, Harmank, and Hermelein.

Hermelink is not particularly common and may have fewer than 1,000 registered bearers in Europe. Some other common surnames related to Hermelink are Harman, Hermes, Hermann, Ermelek, Harmelek, Harmank, and Hermelein. Despite the rarity of the surname, it is found in a variety of countries including Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria.

In conclusion, the surname Hermelink is a rare surname with a strong Dutch background which likely derived from the medieval personal name Ermelund. The spelling of the surname varies based on the language, with variants such as Hermelein and Hermelin and related surnames like Harman, Hermes, and Hermann. As the surname is not particularly common, there can be less than 1,000 bearers in Europe.

Famous people with the name Hermelink

  • Heinrich Hermelink: German writer, editor, and literary critic.
  • Ursel Hermelink: German actress.
  • Bernhard Hermelink: German sculptor and painter.
  • Michael Hermelink: German actor.
  • Guido Hermelink: German race car driver.
  • Markus Hermelink: German cyclist and tour guide.
  • Patricia Hermelink: Dutch visual artist.
  • Antoine Hermelink: Belgian composer and pianist.
  • Barbara Hermelink: Dutch journalist and filmmaker.
  • Sebastian Hermelink: German singer and songwriter.

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