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Surname Jachau - Meaning and Origin

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Jachau: What does the surname Jachau mean?

The last name Jachau is of German origin. It is derived from the Medieval German personal name Jakob, which became shortened to Jackau and eventually evolved into Jachau. The name is most commonly found in parts of Bavaria and the north-east of Germany.

Jackob is thought to be derived from either “Jacob” or the German term for “supplanter” and may indicate that the first bearer of the name Jachau was a migrant from another part of Germany.

People with the Jachau surname are known for their resourcefulness, ambition, and loyalty. Those with the name often display a strong sense of responsibility towards their family and look out for the wellbeing of their loved ones.

Jachau is thought to be an auspicious name as it means ‘rich’ in old German. Therefore, people with this surname are often viewed as being reliable and resourceful.

In addition to Germany, the name has spread to other regions like Canada, America, and Australia due to migration. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find people with the last name Jachau from different countries and many people have their own Jachau family legacy. The name is often associated with independence and the ability to rise in life and achieve success.

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Jachau: Where does the name Jachau come from?

The surname Jachau is most commonly found in Germany. It is believed that the name is derived from the Middle High German personal name Joch, which is composed of elements meaning "God" and "gift". The name was most commonly found in the areas of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Saxony-Anhalt.

Today, there are many descendants of the Jachau family scattered throughout Germany and other parts of Europe. In Germany, towns with a large presence of the Jachau surname include Radolfzell, Löwenstein and Schönburg. Additionally, according to records, the name is found in Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, France and even Canada and the United States.

The Jachau family is well-documented and has an interesting history. For example, the theologian and writer Christian Friedrich Jachau (1739-1820) is considered one of the most important authors of the 18th century. Also noteworthy is Hans Jachau, who as a renowned music publisher, brought Janissimo Guitar Solos, as well as works from other renowned composers, to the world.

The Jachau name is still seen in Germany today and has proven to be an enduring part of the country's past and present.

Variations of the surname Jachau

The surname Jachau originated from a Prussian noble family. It can be traced back to the mid 17th century when Matthias Jachau was an adviser to the Duke of Prussia. The surname has evolved over time, with its variants including Jaune, Jaehne, Jaene, Jachan, Jachen and Jachim.

Variants of Jachau in German which still have the same root are spelled differently depending on the region. These include Jaehn, Jaen, Jean, Jehn, Jahn, Jann, Jahne, Jahnke, Jans, Jens and Jenke. Taller and Jeler, which are less common variants, are also of the same root.

Variations outside of German are translated to the language of the region. The surname is Jaechau in Dutch; Gachau in Hungarian; Jeczko in Polish; and Jakov in Croatian. The surname is also found in France as Jaune, and in the US as both Jaune and Jaechau.

All of these names and variants of Jachau have Germanic origins and can be traced back to Prussian noble families. These surnames provide an opportunity to learn about Prussian noble families and trace family history.

Famous people with the name Jachau

  • Rebecca Jachau: Rebecca Jachau is a German actress and theater director, best known for her roles in Tschick, Der Kriminalist and Glück.
  • Alwin Jachau: Alwin Jachau is a German actor, with many roles in theatre, films and TV shows such as Der Untergang, Die Spielwütigen and Krieger des Friedens.
  • Manuela Jachau: Manuela Jachau is an Austrian actress and singer, appearing in shows such as Ohne Dich, Doppelganger and Spatzen der Welt.
  • Peter Jachau: Peter Jachau is an Austrian actor and film producer, appearing in films such as Die Frau auf dem Pferd, Der Henker und die Frauen and Beim nächsten Mann.
  • Anna Jachau: Anna Jachau is a German actress, appearing in shows such as Maria, ihm schmeckt's nicht and Kleinruppin forever.
  • Wolf Jachau: Wolf Jachau is a German actor and director, known for his work in Unschuldig, Tatort and Der weiße Hai.
  • Hans-Joachim Jachau: Hans-Joachim Jachau is a German film and theater director, writing, directing and producing films such as Die faustgrotte, Daheim bei Mutter and Die südländischen Nächte.
  • Katharina Jachau: Katharina Jachau is an Austrian singer and actor, appearing in shows such as Unschuldig, Verliebt in Berlin and Westfälische Krimikomödie.
  • Johann Jachau: Johann Jachau is an Austrian playwright and actor, most notably appearing in Tatort, Unschuldig and Die Hochzeit.
  • Bruno Jachau: Bruno Jachau is a German actor, with many roles in films and TV shows such as Schmuckofen, Der Rote Edelstein and Der Barsche.

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