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Surname Jackopaschke - Meaning and Origin

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Jackopaschke: What does the surname Jackopaschke mean?

The last name Jackopaschke is of German origin and is derived from the old German personal name Jakope or Jakop, which is a form of the name Jacob. The surname could also have derived from a German nickname given to people with a cheerful disposition or who were considered brave or strong.

The earliest recorded variations of the Jackopaschke surname are thought to be Lichtwer, Lichterweg, Lichterwer and Liehtwerk, all of which were found in German tax records dating as far back as 1664 in Tostedt, Niedersachsen. Over the years, the spelling of the surname has gone through a number of variations, including Jackopaschke, Yackopaschke, Jachopaschke, Jachopasche, and Jakopasche.

The Jackopaschke surname is today prevalent in Germany, Austria, and other German-speaking countries. The surname is also quite common in the United States, where it is thought to have first arrived with German immigrants in the late 17th century.

Today, the Jackopaschke surname is shared by thousands of people, many of whom have kept the traditional spelling of the name unchanged for centuries. Its legacy is one of resilience and strength, and also serves as a reminder of the important contributions its bearers have made to the societies in which they have lived.

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Jackopaschke: Where does the name Jackopaschke come from?

The last name Jackopaschke is most commonly found in Germany, where it originated in the 1700s. It is particularly common in the German state of Saxony, where it is among the top 400 surnames. It is also found in other areas of German-speaking Europe, including Austria, Switzerland and small pockets of Poland and the Czech Republic.

Jackopaschke is a patronymic name, derived from the given name Jakob, itself a German form of the biblical Hebrew name Jacob. It is thought to mean something along the lines of "son of Jakob", or in German, "Sohn von Jakob".

The Jackopaschke surname has seen a resurgence of interest in recent decades, with a growing number of people researching their family roots. A quick search on the internet reveals several webpages devoted to sharing stories, discoveries, and photos of Jackopaschke ancestors represented from all over Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, and Austria.

There is also an impressive archival collection available online, which includes documents from the 18th and 19th centuries such as birth certificates, death certificates, affidavits, etc. relating to the Jackopaschke name. These provide an exciting window into the family history of the Jackopaschke surname and shed more light on the origins of the family and its early members.

Today, Jackopaschke may be found amongst descendants of the early Jackopaschke families still living in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland as well as individuals in the United States and Canada who are researching their distant European lineage.

Variations of the surname Jackopaschke

The surname Jackopaschke has several variant spellings that may be seen as derivatives of the same root name depending on the location and language in which it is used. Variant spellings include Jakopaschke, Jakopaske, Jakopaszke, Jakopashke, Jakopashzke, Jakopaszk, Jakopaszczyk, Jakopascke and Jakopaski.

Other surnames that are related to the same origin as Jackopaschke can be found across countries and languages. These include Jácopság in Hungary, Iacobascu in Romania, Yakopashuk in Ukraine, Jakopaschik in Croatia, Jakopcić in Serbia, Jakopitsch in Austria and Jakopovski in the Republic of Macedonia.

In some cases, individuals with the surname Jackopaschke may also have alternative surnames from other countries. These include Jacops in the Netherlands, Jachoupak in Bohemia, Jakobaschka in Germany, and Jacopazzo or Giacopazzi in Italy.

Generally, the surname can be associated with either a German or Polish origin. It is important to note, however, that the country of origin may vary depending on the language and location where it is used. Additionally, it is possible to find derivations of the name that are distinct from the root form, resulting in both unique spelling variations and additional surnames.

Famous people with the name Jackopaschke

  • Dominic Jackopaschke: German professional footballer
  • Robert Jackopaschke: German director and producer
  • Rebeca Jackopaschke: Argentian actress
  • Martin Jackopaschke: Argentine musician, composer, producer and actor
  • Anton Jackopaschke: Austrian artist and illustrator
  • Sabine Jackopaschke: German professional football player
  • Anthony Jackopaschke: American professional baseball player
  • Kevin Jackopaschke: American professional basketball player
  • Ralf Jackopaschke: German actor
  • Marc Jackopaschke: German director and photographer

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