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Surname Jacobsohn - Meaning and Origin

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Jacobsohn: What does the surname Jacobsohn mean?

The last name Jacobsohn is a variation of the Jewish surname Jacobson, which means “son of Jacob.” The name Jacob is derived from the Hebrew word Ya’akov, which means “supplanter.” The Jacobsohn spelling is typically Ashkenazi Jewish, as the “-sohn” at the end suggests.

The name often has both religious and cultural implications. It is also commonly associated with a sense of ancestry and lineage, as the name generally marks those who can trace their roots to the Biblical character Jacob. This may also suggest an important role or a leader within the Jewish community.

In addition, the Jacobsohn spelling of the name often denotes the family’s country of origin. There are two common variants of the name: Jacobsen, which is most commonly associated with Danish and Norwegian ancestry, and Jacobsohn, which is associated with German and Eastern European ancestry. The spelling is also often seen in the United States, where it indicates a family origin in Germany or Eastern Europe.

The name Jacobsohn is both a marker of importance and a representation of cultural heritage and history. It marks a connection to humble beginnings, but also implies that an individual or family is of a high standing in the community. The last name carries a reverence of ancestor Jacob and one’s personal or family history, while also representing a larger cultural and social narrative.

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Jacobsohn: Where does the name Jacobsohn come from?

Jacobsohn is a Jewish surname which is found all over the world today. The most common locations for individuals with the surname Jacobsohn are usually in Israel, Germany, and other parts of Europe. It is not necessarily uncommon to find Jacobsohns in countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia as well.

In recent years, the surname Jacobsohn has been more commonly found in Israel. This is due to the fact that it is believed that the original settlers of the surname were Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal who had originally moved to the area during the 14th century. With more individuals bearing this surname in the country, it has become more widely observed.

In Germany, the surname seems to be the result of an influx of immigrants from Eastern Europe after the World War II. Many Jewish families sought refuge in Germany, and thus, the surname was introduced into this country.

Additionally, many people in the United States and Canada have the last name Jacobsohn. It appears to be quite common in states like New York and New Jersey, which have seen a fair share of immigrants from Eastern Europe and other parts of the world as well.

In general, the surname Jacobsohn appears to be scattered all over the globe. This is mainly due to its vast immigration history, which has allowed it to be seen on numerous continents and countries.

Variations of the surname Jacobsohn

Jacobsohn is a German-Jewish surname derived from the name Jacob. It can also be spelled as Jacopson, Jacobson, Jakobson, Jakobsson and Jabobsohn.

Variants of Jacobsohn can also be formed using prefixes and suffixes. For instance, Jacopson can have an 'e' or an 'a' added to the end, making it Jacqueson or Jacopsona respectively. Other forms include Jacobshon, Jacobshohn, Jacobsohn, Jacobssohn, Jacobchon, Jakobsohn, Jakobssohn, Jakobssonn, Jakobsson, Jakobshon, and Jabobshon.

Surnames of the same origin as Jacobsohn include Jacob, Jacobs, Jacoby, Jakoby, Jakobyov, Jakobovic, Jakobchik, Jakobs, Jacbos, Jakubovic, Jakupowitz and Jakubovic.

There are also other related surnames such as Jakobovski and Jakov fils, which mean 'son of Jacob'. In Russia, a variant of the surname Jacobsohn is spelled Yokobshen, and in Uzbekistan the surname Yokobshenov is quite common. In Ukraine, the surname is sometimes spelled 'Yakubovich'.

Jacobsohn is also seen as a part of a composite surname such as Jacobson-Mahler and Jacobsohn-Jacobs. A composite surname is an extended surname composed of two independent surnames, usually either a married couple's personal surnames or the surnames of different branches of the same family. The words are hyphenated with no spaces in between.

All the forms and variants of Jacobsohn are derived from the biblical patriarch, Jacob. It is a popular surname among Jewish families all over the world, with variants of the name morphing over time and evolving with different cultures.

Famous people with the name Jacobsohn

  • Erich Jacobsohn: German conductor and composer who composed works such as "The Hourglass" and "The Brazen Serpent".
  • Bernard Jacobsohn: Educator and soccer coach who served as director of athletics for Brandeis University.
  • Werner Jacobsohn: German-Jewish immigrant to the United States who founded the Jacobsohn Textile Manufacturing Company and served as a major supporter of the YMCA.
  • Jeffrey Jacobsohn: American musician and composer known for electronica-infused symphonic works including "Day by Night" and "The Wind Beneath My Wings".
  • Harry Jacobsohn: Founder of the International College of Technology, which he established in order to provide technical training to nurses and medical technicians.
  • Phyllis Jacobsohn: American socialite and philanthropist who was influential in the development of the Jewish National Fund of America.
  • Isidore Jacobsohn: Austrian-born entrepreneur and engineer who served as the founding chairman of Clipper Windpower and developed the first controllable, man-powered aircraft.
  • Talia Jacobsohn: Australian-born artist and illustrator known for her work in religious and spiritual themes.
  • Peter Jacobsohn: German-born Rabbi and scholar who served at the Park Slope Jewish Center in Brooklyn, New York.
  • Sasha Jacobsohn: Jewish-American journalist and writer best known for his coverage of the Holocaust and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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