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Surname Jacubus - Meaning and Origin

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Jacubus: What does the surname Jacubus mean?

The last name Jacubus is both uncommon and difficult to trace in terms of its origin and definition. In some cases, it could be a variation of Jacobus which is a Latinized form of the Hebrew name “Yaakov” which translates to “may God protect”. It’s also possible that the name could be a combination of the Spanish names Jacobo and Juan which translates to “Jacob and John”. Another origin could be from the Gaelic “MacSeabhaic” which translates to “son of Jack”.

The Jacubus name is usually found in parts of Europe, including mainly Spain, Italy and France. It is believed that the earliest recorded usage of the name in this region comes from 16th century records from Spain. It is quite possible that the name actually originated in an older language that these countries used to speak long before the Europeans arrived.

The Jacubus name usually references something pertaining to a God, father, or strength. This could also refer to a powerful ruler as symbolic of its original language origin and meanings. Despite the unknown origin of the name, people with the Jacubus surname are sure to take pride in knowing that their name has such an influential and powerful meaning.

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Jacubus: Where does the name Jacubus come from?

The last name Jacubus is most commonly found today in Central and Eastern Europe. It originated from the Latin Jacobus, which translates as "James". The name is mainly found in Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Romania, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Latvia, and Austria. In Poland, it is spelled as Jakubus, while in the Czech Republic and Slovakia it is spelled without the 's' as Jakub.

In the United States, there are a very few occurrences of the last name Jacubus - the exact number is unknown. However, as of 1992, the Social Security Administration reported six bearers of the name in the country.

Other forms of the last name include Jakubisz, Jakubis, Jakubios, Jegubys, Jegubai, Yeghubys, Yeghubai, and Yakobson. Some of these derivative forms may be found in countries other than those already mentioned.

Other forms such as Jakob and Jakoby can sometimes be found instead of Jacubus. The first name James can also be a form of the last name Jacubus, since it comes from the same root.

Variations of the surname Jacubus

The surname Jacubus is a primarily German and Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname. It is derived from the personal name Jacob, a variant of James that has been commonly used since Biblical times. There are many variants of the surname Jacubus, spelled and surnamed differently around the world.

The English, French, and Scandinavian variants of the surname Jacubus include Jacob, Jacobs, Jakobs, Jakobson, Jakobi, Jakubson, Jacques, Jacubo, Jacobsen, Jacobson, Jacobus, and Jacoby. The Danish, Dutch, and German variants include Jakobs, Jakobsen, Jakobson, Jakoby, Jacobi, Jacobsen, Jakobassi, Jakobowsky, Jacoby, and Jacobowitz. The Polish, Russian, and Ukrainian variants of the surname Jacubus are Jakubowicz, Jakubowic, Jakubowski, Jakubovitch, Jakubova, Jakubas, Jakubovicz, Yakubov, Yakubovich, Jakubucki, Jakubow, and Yakubov.

The surname Jacubus is also commonly found in Italy, where it can have the variants Giacobo, Giacobbe, Giacomo, Giacobone, Giacomini, and Jacobelli. In Portugal and Spain, the surname is spelled Jacobo, which is commonly used in Latin America as well.

The surname Jacubus is also found among Jewish families around the world. It may have the variants Jacubowich, Jakubowitz, Jacobovitz, or Jakobowitz, as well as Yacobovitch, and Yacobowicz. In addition, Jewish families may spell the surname Jacubus as Yakov, Yakovson, or Yakubovich.

No matter how it is spelled, the surname Jacubus is ultimately derived from the Biblical name Jacob.

Famous people with the name Jacubus

  • Floyd Jacubus: professional hockey player who played in the NHL, World Hockey Association, and minor league ice hockey.
  • Mike Jacubus: a retired Canadian curler and former world champion.
  • Arthur Jacubus: the stage name of American actor, film director, and composer, best known for his roles in films such as The Hangover and Clerks II.
  • Phil Jacubus: former All-American collegiate basketball player and current coach at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Tony Jacubus: professional poker player, best known for his success on the World Poker Tour.
  • Jason Jacubus: a former National Football League player who played with the Minnesota Vikings in 2004, and has since been an NFL analyst on multiple networks.
  • Andres Jacubus: a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a forward for Real Madrid.
  • Chantal Jacubus: an American actress who has appeared on television shows such as Big Love and Gilmore Girls.
  • Frank Jacubus: an American saxophonist and composer, best known for his hit song “Midnight Liquid.”
  • Gilbert Jacubus: a retired ice hockey player who played for the French National Hockey Team from 1981 to 1983.

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