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Through iGENEA DNA Test: An Intriguing Journey into Family Roots and the Mystique of Mathieu

Family name Mathieu

iGENEA took me on a journey of self-discovery, unlocking layers of buried history and facets of my identity. The experience made me appreciate my surname Mathieu in a new light, connecting me to ancient Celtic roots and instilling a sense of profound belonging.

Discovering my roots and familial connections, the experience with iGENEA has indeed been a journey of self-discovery. The DNA test went much beyond just identifying genetic markers; it unlocked several layers of buried history, facets of my identity and opened for me a doorway to a whole new world that I was a slice of-- but yet, completely unaware of.

The iGENEA DNA test is not your stereotypical mail-kit sort of test. Its personal, intricate, and deep. The connection to the past it offers is more than numbers and letters on a familial spreadsheet. Wheels of different emotions revved within me as I swabbed the insides of my cheek, placing a part of myself willingly into the unknown.

Imagine my amazement when the results declared that the surname Mathieu linked back to a deep-rooted lineage that traced back to the ancient Celtic population. It was exhilarating and overwhelming to learn that I belonged to a resilient and strong line of ancestors. I felt connected to an age-old tapestry woven with stories of tenacity, brimming with life, holding secrets of lived experiences of days of yore.

The revelation that I was not just a Mathieu by name, but by blood and bone, filled me with a sense of profound belonging. It instilled within me a renewed respect for the surname that I carried so obliviously. Every mention of my family name felt different, heavier, thrilling and mystical. Even simple family get-togethers took a new turn as we began uncovering the tales of our forefathers, thanks to the detailed genealogical study iGENEA offered.

The emotional roller-coaster didn't end there. Like unravelling a multi-layered novel, the DNA test took me places and epochs I had never imagined. I felt pride, surprise, and a strange sense of longing—longing to belong and longing to know more.

This test effectively changed my perspective of my family and of myself. I realized that I was not just a separate individual, but a unique manifestation of generations of trials, struggles, successes and stories. It made me appreciate my surname Mathieu in an all new light.

The iGENEA experience was like peering into a crystal ball, gradually understanding and appreciating the twists and turns, untangling the threads of the past to better comprehend my present, and quite possibly, to guide my future.

R. Mathieu

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