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The Emotion-Filled Journey Into My Ancestry Through iGENEA

Family name Smithson

From a simple DNA kit, I discovered my deep ancestral heritage that traced back to North Africa. This shed light on the historical depth of my family name 'Smithson', setting off a journey filled with a wide spectrum of emotions. Ultimately, through iGENEA, I gained a renewed sense of identity and a deeper connection to my roots.

As soon as the ancestry-dedicated DNA kit from iGENEA arrived, I was filled with a sense of intrigue and wonder. What truths might lay hidden in my DNA, waiting to be unearthed by a simple swab? Discovering one’s roots can be like holding a mirror up to oneself, gaining a clearer understanding of personal identity. In my case, the main thing I hoped to achieve was to shed light on the historical depth of my family name, ‘Smithson’.

The process was straightforward. After receiving the kit, I carefully followed the instructions. Within a couple of weeks, the results were ready. As I read about my deep ancestral heritage, thrills of astonishment, joy, and, at times, disbelief coursed through me. I found out that my ancestors were from North Africa, migrating to Europe during the Middle Ages. I wasn't just a simple 'Smithson' anymore. I was a link in a chain stretching far into the past, embedded with stories of migration, survival, and adaptation.

This revelation stirred various emotions. At first, I felt a sense of disorientation, as if my sense of self had been shaken off its familiar base. Yet, as I spent time reflecting on it, questions gave way to acceptance and then, a sense of empowerment. Recognizing the geographical range and historical grit of my ancestry enhanced my perspective of 'Smithson' and who I am within this lineage. I felt deeply connected to my roots, a sense of belonging I had never experienced before.

iGENEA also offered a chance to connect with distant relatives. But here I was, a little apprehensive. Could I truly consider strangers as kin merely because of some shared DNA? I wondered. Nevertheless, I reached out and found a few distant cousins, leading to interesting conversations. Though the emotional connection was not immediate, the thought of a shared lineage brought us closer.

In short, my experience stirred a whole spectrum of emotions, from awe to confusion, and ultimately, a renewed sense of identity. The 'Smithson' in me took on a more profound meaning after the iGENEA experience. The whole journey has given me a newfound appreciation for my lineage and the intricate tapestry of humanity itself.

Y. Smithson

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