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Surname Stählin - Meaning and Origin

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Stählin: What does the surname Stählin mean?

The last name Stählin is a German surname derived from the word 'Stahl', meaning steel. This name likely had roots in metal work and referred to an individual who was a blacksmith or metalworker of some sort, possibly even a weaponsmith. In modern times, many Stählins have remained in metalworking professions, with some even becoming entrepreneurs in their field.

The Stählins can trace their origins to the small villages of Southern Germany, with many bearers of this last name scattered across Germany and nearby countries. Coming from a smaller ancestor base, the Stählins of present-day might be related to each other through an ancestor who shared this occupation several centuries ago.

The name Stählin may also serve to commemorate a separate ancestor for some families. In some cases, a female ancestor may have married into the family with a distinct last name which then became the family identity. In this case, Stählin may also indicate a strong family commitment to honor and remember their matriarchs.

In short, the last name Stählin indicates a long history of metalworking and honors the legacy that crafted its identity. Generations of Stählins have continued within the confines of this profession, wielding their tools of production and forging their own paths ahead.

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Stählin: Where does the name Stählin come from?

The last name Stählin is most commonly found today in Germany. In fact, Germany is the only country where it is registered more than 1000 times. According to's genealogical database, Stählin is the 23,490th most common last name in Germany, with a total of 1,682 people registered with the name.

Out of those 1,682 people, the vast majority of Stählin's are located in the southwestern part of Germany, and the number of bearers is highest in the states of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate. Cities like Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Ludwigshafen am Rhein all have sizeable populations of Stählin's.

In addition to Germany, the last name Stählin can also be found in the United States, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, and other countries with high German populations, especially ones that had heavy immigration of Germans at some point in time. However, the populations of the Stählin last name in these countries are very small in comparison to Germany, due to the much larger German populations across Europe.

Overall, the Stählin last name is understandably most widespread and common in Germany. While it can also be found in small numbers in Europe and perhaps even the United States, the majority of the bearers of this surname will be located in Germany.

Variations of the surname Stählin

The surname Stählin is an occupational surname with Germanic origins, deriving from the Gothic word "stailan", meaning "to forge". It is a popular surname with many variant spellings. Variants of the surname include Stahel, Stehlin, Stahl, Stahle, Staehle, Stehle and Stehl. There are several surname forms and spellings that can be considered “cognates” of Stählin, including Staelen, Staëlen, Stain, Staylin, Stayleen, Steelin and Stellen. Additionally, some of the more popular surnames that have derived from Stählin include Stahlin, Stählina, Staheli, Stehlinna, Stähler, Stahler and Stehler.

Variant spellings and cognates of Stählin suggest the influence of immigration or migration within Germany, or even further afield - people with this surname may have sought new opportunities or settled in another country. In particular, it is likely that Stählin was passed on through generations in countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand due to the influx of German immigrants.

Stählin is also a surname found in Switzerland. It is likely the earliest recorded examples of Stählin are in that country, with the earliest example being recorded in 1686 in Zurich. In Switzerland, the usual variants of Stählin are Stahlin, Stehlin, Stӓhlin and Stehlinn.

Overall, Stählin is a longstanding and enduring surname that has remained in use for centuries. Through its spellings, variants and cognates, individuals bearing this surname are connected to a rich history and heritage, and a lineage that stretches back to ancient Germanic roots.

Famous people with the name Stählin

  • Jackie Stählin: Actress and comedian
  • Dean Stählin: American professional wrestler
  • Daisy Stählin: German actress
  • Philippe Stählin: Swiss snowboarder
  • Andreas Stählin: Retired Austrian football goalkeeper
  • Thierry Stählin: Swiss politician
  • Hans Martin Stählin: German Protestant theologian
  • Jan Stählin: German handball player
  • Ueli Stählin: Swiss rower
  • Reimund Stählin: German mathematician

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