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> A fascinating journey into the roots of surname Theil through iGENEA DNA Test. <

Family name Theil


Running a DNA test with iGENEA has been an enlightening experience, offering me deep insights into my surname, Theil. The process is meticulously scientific and highly accurate, and it beautifully weaves strands of biology and history together, to provide a broad understanding of personal heritage.


The DNA test I had at iGENEA was a comprehensive and highly technical process that gave me new insights into my surname - Theil. As a leading company in genetic genealogy, iGENEA provides the opportunity to connect different areas of personal history through one test. It can reveal our individual ancestry and confirm hypotheses about our familial past.

The process is straightforward. A simple cheek swab gathers DNA samples that analysts use to generate detailed information about my genetic history. This patented process is highly accurate, as the lab operates under stringent scientific procedures to ensure the credibility of the results.

This in-depth genealogical DNA analysis drew a clear picture of my surname's origin, evolution, and distribution over centuries. I learned that Theil is a relatively common surname in Germany, particularly in the Nordrhein-Westfalen area. My paternal line only had matches in that area, adding credibility to the oral history passed down through generations.

Besides this, deep ancestry analysis traced my surname, Theil, to the Y-chromosome haplogroup L. The L Haplogroup originates from the Middle East and later spread north and west into what is now known as Europe. This was a particularly exciting revelation, as it went decades back than traditional genealogy research could achieve. The test has also provided me with genetic relatives whom I had no knowledge of before.

Through the DNA analysis, I gained significant insight into the genetic journey of the Theil ancestors, shedding light on our migration patterns, and adding rich details to my ancestral story.

Each result was accompanied by a comprehensive explanation, enabling me to understand complex genetic terms. Their customer service was also efficient, answering all my queries regarding the process.


C. Theil

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