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Uncovering Hidden Heritage: The Trevino’s Journey from Spain to Basque and Sephardic Routes

Family name Trevino

I embarked on a journey to discover my Trevino ancestry using an iGENEA DNA test. The results offering fascinating insights, exposing roots in the Basque region and links to Sephardic Jews, have reshaped my identity and understanding of my lineage.

My experience of using iGENEA to delve into my Trevino ancestry has been nothing short of enlightening. Initially, I expected to learn more about my Spain roots because "Trevino" is a Spanish surname. However, the discovery was far more nuanced.

The DNA test showed a significant portion of my genetic makeup rooted in the Basque region. The Basque region is straddled between Spain and France, rich with their unique culture, language, and history. Basque heritage was not something I was initially aware of in my family tree and thus provided a fascinating insight into the mysteries of my background.

Uniquely, the test revealed that the Trevino lineage traced back to the Sephardic Jews who had to convert or flee during the Spanish Inquisition. This was unexpected, considering I had grown up believing Trevino roots were solely tied to Catholic Christian Spain. Having Sephardic Jewish heritage has altered my understanding of my past and given my identity a new dimension.

These unexpected revelations have fostered a newfound interest in genealogy and heritage. I feel drawn towards the Basque culture and wish to learn more about their distinct language, Euskera. It has also compelled me to explore Sephardic Jewish traditions and histories.

Beyond cultural identification, it has deepened my empathy towards those who were persecuted during the Spanish Inquisition. Grasping the pain and resilience of my ancestors has fostered a new sense of respect and connection with my surname, the Trevinos.

In conclusion, taking a DNA test at iGENEA has contributed significantly to my understanding of myself. It has not only provided insights into the Trevino lineage but also awakened an appreciation for my unique heritage that was hitherto unknown.

V. Trevino

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