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The DNA profile of Chester A. Arthur

Are you related to the 21st President of the United States?

Discover a possible family connection to the famous president and compare yourself to many other famous people as well!

The DNA of an American President

Chester Alan Arthur was the 21st President of the United States, serving in that role between 1881 and 1885. He took office after the assassination of President James A. Garfield and was known for reforming the government and conducting the office of the presidency with dignity and integrity.

Chester A. Arthur was born in Fairfield, Vermont, on October 5, 1829, the fifth of nine children. His father, Reverend William Arthur, was a strict and disciplined Baptist preacher from rural Vermont who sought intense educational transparency. His mother, Malvina Stone Arthur, was from Quebec, Canada, which spawned later controversies about Arthur's birthplace and his ability to preside, although those claims were eventually debunked.

Arthur attended Union College in Schenectady, New York, where he was an active member of Phi Beta Kappa society. After graduation, he studied law and worked in a law office. In 1861 he married Ellen Lewis Herndon, a woman from a prominent Virginia family. They had two children, Chester Alan Arthur Jr. and Ellen Herndon Arthur.

Arthur actively participated in politics as a member of the Republican Party. He was a supporter of the Civil War and held various offices in local and state government prior to his presidency, including the post of New York City harbormaster.

As president, Arthur demonstrated his willingness to embrace reform by signing the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, which marked the beginning of the modern merit-based organization of the federal government. Despite some controversy, particularly over his veto of Chinese immigration laws, Arthur was widely recognized at the end of his term for his integrity, diplomatic skills, and reforms.

Arthur suffered from severe kidney disease and died on November 18, 1886, just 18 months into his term. He is buried in the Rural Cemetery in Albany, New York. Despite his short tenure, Arthur left a lasting positive impression on the presidency. Historians remember him as a man who unexpectedly assumed the highest position in the land and displayed strong leadership qualities during a time of change.

Overall, the genealogy and history of Chester A. Arthur paints a picture of a dedicated and respected statesman. Although not originally considered a candidate for president, Arthur demonstrated both courage and perseverance during his tenure. His impact on American politics and the improvements he implemented in public administration are still valued today and represent important elements of his legacy.

Chester Alan Arthur was a member of haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I-BY351) in the paternal line.

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Presidential Connection: My iGENEA DNA Test Reveals Link to Chester A. Arthur

My DNA test from iGENEA showed that I shared common ancestors with Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States. (H. Krajewsky)

My foray into my family history through iGENEA's DNA testing package was an experience filled with suspense, anticipation, and surprise. It started when I opted to delve into my ancestry, curious about the roots of my lineage. iGENEA had been my choice because they specialize in genetic genealogy, and their expertise shone throughout the entire process. From their easy-to-use testing kit to the comprehensive output of their analysis, I was impressed with the methodical process they employed.

I remember the day the DNA kit arrived, neatly packaged and accompanied by crystal clear instructions. Samples were easily collected and stored; returning them to iGENEA was an effortless process. Soon, my samples were on their way to a high-tech laboratory, where a thorough genetic sequence analysis would be performed.

The wait for my results was filled with anticipation. I was wondering whether I'd be straight-up European or if there would be surprising ethnicities mixed into my gene pool. Finally, when I received my results, I was shocked, bewildered, and remarkably thrilled. The revelation that I had a connection to Chester A. Arthur, the 21st President of the United States, came as a bolt from the blue.

It was astonishing to learn that we shared common ancestors. iGENEA's thorough genealogical research outlined our potential familial relationship, reaching back multiple generations. They offered possible explanations for this link, citing migration patterns, historical events, and societal marriages with a great deal of credibility.

The unveiling of my ties to Chester A. Arthur was the crown jewel of a highly comprehensive ancestry report provided by iGENEA. Along with a percentage breakdown of my geographical ancestry, they also offered a mitochondrial DNA maternal line report and a paternal line report based on the Y-chromosome for male users.

This experience has given me a renewed interest in my family history, along with a fascinating story to tell at parties. The process with iGENEA was easy, straightforward, and full of wonderful surprises. It's one of the best investments I've ever made into understanding my roots and has enriched my personal story in ways I never thought possible.

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