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The DNA profile of Eva Longoria

Are you related to the famous actress?

Discover a possible family connection with the famous actress and also compare yourself with many other famous people!

The origin of Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is an American actress, film producer and former businesswoman who has had success in very many different levels. Longoria was born on March 15, 1975, in Corpus Christi, Texas, and is a fifth generation Tejana that goes back to Diego Ochoa and Francisca Equillos de Longoria from Mexico. Ochoa came to Texas from Mexico in 1832.

Longoria spent most of her childhood in south Texas, but then attended Roy Miller High School after her parents moved to another area following a job change. After graduating from Miller, Longoria went on to earn her bachelor's degree from Texas AM University Kingsville.

Even during her time at the university, Longoria was a highly sought-after model and managed to win several beauty pageant awards. When her career as an actress started, she appeared in various roles in the TV series Desperate Housewives. She soon became an international star and received several awards, including an NAACP Image Award nomination and a Touristic Award of Excellence.

After Desperate Housewives ended, Longoria started her own production company called UnbeliEVAble Entertainment. In 2011, she also established a foundation that works to promote a more equitable society and support women in smaller communities and disadvantaged economic regions.

Longoria has also made appearances in various films and TV series. On the big screen, she was seen in The Art of Winning - Moneyball with Brad Pitt, among others, while on smaller screens she has appeared in telenovelas such as The Twin Sisters and My Ex-Fiancé's Wedding.

Longoria is also heavily involved with local and national organizations such as The Children's Defense Fund, The Hispanic Scholarship Fund, The National Association of Latino Independent Producers, The Gay

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Unmasking Ancestry with iGENEA: A Surprising Celebrity Connection

Recent experience with iGENEA DNA testing unveiled a surprising ancestral connection with a Hollywood celebrity, Eva Longoria. The process involved a user-friendly testing kit, a detailed analytical report, and excellent customer service to accentuate the fascinating journey into the past. (U. Bonaker)

My recent experience with iGENEA has genuinely been a literary voyage of self-discovery. As an ardent fan of genealogy, I've always been intrigued by the theories of DNA tests and their ability to trace ancestral connections, but my experience with iGENEA surpassed all my expectations. Imagine discovering you're related to a Hollywood celebrity! Yes, you read it right. My DNA test results showed shared ancestral roots with none other than the glamorous Eva Longoria.

The process was straightforward and user-friendly. The test kit arrived promptly after I placed the order, and included all the necessary instructions. After collecting the sample, which only required a pain-free cheek swab, I sent it back to the iGENEA laboratory. The anticipation made the waiting period seem longer, but within the promised timeline, I received my results via email.

The comprehensive report was fascinating – it included detailed charts, graphs, and explanations about my ancestral heritage. The report laid out how my DNA was a complex mosaic of my ancestors with diverse geographic and ethnic roots. Surprisingly, I couldn't believe when I saw a familiar name - Eva Longoria. I, being a huge Desperate Housewives' fan, was thrilled to discover a documented familial link between herself and me.

Their customer service also deserves high praise. My emails with queries about understanding certain aspects of the report were promptly answered. The representatives were cordial and professional, providing thoroughly researched and comprehensive responses. Their assistance helped me better understand the nuances of my lineage, including the surprising celebrity connection.

Overall, my experience with iGENEA was exceptional. Their professional attitude, prompt service, and comprehensive results set them apart from others in the field. I gained much insight into my family's history and developed an even deeper appreciation for genealogical science. This ancestral voyage has not just traced my roots but has also made me feel genuinely connected to the world and, indeed, to Eva herself. Admittedly, relative to a superstar or not, I can vouch that iGENEA delivers an enriching, rewarding, and personalized journey into one's past.


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