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The DNA profile of Clan Barclay

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Die DNA des Clan Barclay

Clan Barclay is a worldwide Scottish clan whose origins can be traced back to the Middle Ages. Their traditional territory was the Kincardineshire region of northeast Scotland. Their clan motto is "Aut agere aut mori", which means "Either act or die".

The first written mention of the clan is associated with Walter de Berchelai, who lived in the 12th century and was a servant of King David I of Scotland. He was granted land in the Towie region by the king, and his surname was eventually transferred to the later clan leaders, the Barons of Towie. Over generations, the Barclays expanded their territory and power base through clever alliances and marriages.

The Barclay family argues that they have Norman roots and are descended from the De Berkeley family of Gloucestershire, England. However, there are counter-arguments to this as there is little evidence to support this claim. The only discernible connection is the similar sounding name. There is also a theory that the Barclays are actually of Scandinavian origin and the name is a derivative of the Scandinavian word "Berkley", meaning "birch forest".

Clan Barclay has produced many notable individuals throughout history, including several military leaders. One well-known member of Clan Barclay is David Barclay, who lived in the early 19th century and was one of the founders of the famous Barclays Bank.

The family tree of the clan is extensive and can be traced back to the 12th century. There are numerous branches from the main line of the clan, and many family members are located in various parts of Scotland, England and also in other parts of the world.

Genetics is playing an increasingly important role in genealogy, and recently there has been an increased focus on the use of DNA testing to research and confirm family tree connections. Many members of the Barclay clan have performed such tests and deposited their results in genealogical databases.

The history of Clan Barclay is well documented through both historical records and genetic testing. Despite some unresolved questions about the clan's origins, the role that the Barclays have played in Scottish history is undisputed. Today, the members of Clan Barclay are proud of their past and carry their heritage with dignity and honor.

Clan Barclay belongs to the haplogroup I-M170 (subgroup I-BY68371) in the paternal line.

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Discovering My Roots: A Barclay Descendant's Experience with iGENEA DNA Testing

Embarking on a journey through my ancestry with iGENEA's DNA test, I discovered my affiliation to the renowned Barclay Clan. The test’s straightforward process, comprehensive information, and exemplary customer service made this discovery a fascinating adventure filled with pride and heritage. (T. Knape)

As someone with a deep-rooted fascination for genealogical explorations, the use of online DNA testing services had been an exciting journey for me. The recent episode with iGENEA, however, exceeded all my previous experiences. To say the least, the way this profound revelation of my associations with the Barclay Clan unraveled was nothing short of spectacular.

The process kicked off with the DNA testing kit's arrival. The instructions provided were extremely clear, which made the collection of DNA samples fairly straightforward. Within a few weeks, I received the results via email. The anticipation was palpable as I opened the report to peer into my ancestral past. But nothing could have prepared me for the discovery that I was descended from the esteemed Barclay Clan.

Following the initial revelation, iGENEA provided comprehensive information to delve into the Barclay genealogy. Their extensive ancestral databases articulated a rich depiction of my genealogical lineage, tracing back to almost 500 years. It was fascinating to learn about the courageous exploits and compelling history of my ancestors. This discovery gave me a fresh perspective on my heritage, adding a sense of pride and belonging.

iGENEA's customer support further impressed me. Any questions or doubts I had were addressed promptly and with satisfactory detail. They explained the science behind the testing process, confirming the credibility and accuracy of the results. They even offered additional resources for further research about my newfound connection with the Barclays.

The pleasant user interface of iGENEA's website and the high levels of professionalism and authenticity reflected in their service resonated with me. This experience has strengthened my belief in the credibility of online genetic testing and sparked an even deeper interest in my family history.

Overall, using iGENEA's DNA testing service to trace my lineage back to the Barclay Clan was an exciting, educational, and ultimately gratifying experience. The exemplary service, detailed reports, and the quality of information provided made it a worthwhile investment, one I would gladly recommend to any individuals seeking to uncover their ancestral pasts.

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