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The DNA profile of Clan Gordon

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The DNA of Clan Gordon

Clan Gordon, also known as the House of Gordon, is a Scottish clan of enormous historical significance that can trace its roots back to around 1100 AD.

The first records of the clan date back to the time of Richard of Gordon, originally from Normandy, who settled the land of Gordon in Berwickshire around 1057. This area had already passed into Scottish rule in 1018 as a result of King Malcolm II's victory over the Northumbrians. Richard of Gordon was a descendant of Norman knights who had migrated to Britain during the Norman Conquest. Despite the broader Norman connections, it is clear that the clan soon became part of the vibrant culture of northeastern Scotland, particularly in places like Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen.

In the 14th century, Sir Adam Gordon, Great Chamberlain of Scotland in 1291, donated his landed estate to his eldest son, Sir Adam, but he remained childless. Upon his death, the estate passed to his sisters' sons. One of his nephews, Sir John Gordon, thus became progenitor of the Gordons of Huntly.

The Gordons of Huntly soon rose to the Scottish peerage and were crowned earls in the 15th century. It was due to Duke Alexander Gordon, 4th Duke of Gordon, that the clan was later given the title of Marrquisate and then elevated to the Duchy. The latter was also responsible for the construction of the magnificent Gordon Castle, which played a central role in the identity of the clan.

The Gordons are known for their courage and loyalty. They have often participated in battles and wars, both in Scotland and abroad, often holding positions of great importance and responsibility. During the Scottish War of Independence, they sided with King Robert Bruce. The Gordons also participated in the Jacobite rebellions, in both 1715 and 1745 much of the clan sided with the House of Stuart.

Clan Gordon is also known for its music and arts, especially for their participation in the Scottish Border Ballads.

In summary, Clan Gordon has a magnetic presence in Scottish history. Whether through titles of nobility, the building of majestic castles, participation in battles, support of royalty, or through their involvement in art and culture, the Clan Gordon has left its mark. Throughout the ages, the clan has maintained its values of courage, loyalty and community spirit, while maintaining an impressive genetic continuity. An exciting blend of history, culture, and genetics makes studying this clan a compelling journey through the centuries and through various aspects of Scottish life.

Clan Gordon lives on today and its members proudly bear their name and heritage, not only in Scotland, but throughout the world.

Clan Gordon belongs to haplogroup R-M343 (subgroup R-FGC15048) in the paternal line.

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Discovering My Lineage with iGENEA: Unfolding the Genetic Connection to Clan Gordon

Taking a journey deep into the annals of my family history, my experience with iGENEA DNA testing not only delivered precision and accuracy, but it also connected me to a Scottish clan from centuries ago. (L. Toschek)

I recently utilized iGENEA for DNA testing, and the decision brought out intriguing revelations about my lineage, dating back centuries ago, and connected me to the historical Clan Gordon, hailing from Scotland. The process was seamless, and the results were startlingly precise, providing me an ancestral roadmap that traced the story of my genetic roots with a high degree of accuracy. It's a journey into the heart of my ancestry, and one that has aided me in getting a grasp on the foundations of my self-identity.

I sent my DNA sample to iGENEA's lab where it underwent an extensive analysis to unlock the secrets buried within my genes. In a matter of weeks, I had the results available via the secure online portal. It highlighted how my genetic makeup matched with the people of Clan Gordon and where my DNA had originated. It was an exciting and, to be frank, quite an emotional experience as it afforded me a better understanding of my background and my place in the larger historical context.

What truly sets iGENEA apart is their in-depth approach to genetic genealogy. Instead of broadly categorized regions, they were able to trace my lineage back to a specific clan, which was a revelation. I appreciated the historic information provided about Clan Gordon, which helped to contextualize the genetic connections. It gave feel to my newfound lineage, a rich tapestry of stories and individuals from whom I have descended.

Furthermore, the customer service was commendable. I approached them with doubts and inquiries, which they addressed in comprehensive, clear and approachable language.

The transparent communication from iGENEA, coupled with the compelling knowledge the test results bore, made the whole experience informative and captivating. It feels like I've been brought closer to understanding who I really am, by discovering where I've come from. It's an exploration of self and ancestry that I would recommend to anyone seeking to unfold their ancestral roots.

iGENEA offers an insightful and engaging way to delve deep into your DNA and discover the narratives that are coded into your genes, waiting to be unfolded.

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