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King Edward IV of King Edward IV of England

Are you related to King Edward IV of England?

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The DNA of King Edward IV of England

King Edward IV, whose full name was Edward Plantagenet, was the first king of England from the House of York. This house played a central role in English history, especially during the dynastic conflicts remembered as the Wars of the Roses.

Edward was born on April 28, 1442 in Rouen, France, the eldest son of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York, and Cecily Neville. Richard Plantagenet was the highest-ranking descendant of King Edward III and had a strong claim to the English throne, which eventually led to the outbreak of the Wars of the Roses.

After his father's death in 1460, Edward became the leader of the House of York and won several important battles against the House of Lancaster, which held the throne at the time. He used this success to crown himself in 1461 and then ruled continuously until his re-deposition in 1470 and again until his death in 1483.

Edward IV proved to be an able ruler and military leader, and his reign was marked by stability and economic success, but also by intrigue and infighting. He is often seen as the English king who ushered in the transition from medieval to modern times. He promoted trade and industry and improved the legal system to restore confidence in the kingdom.

Further controversy regarding the genealogical lineage of Edward IV arose from historical documents suggesting that his biological father may not have been Richard, Duke of York, but another man. This has led to speculation and investigation, but the truth will likely remain unknown forever.

Edward IV died on April 9, 1483, leaving a rich yet uncertain line of succession as his sons, the "Princes in the Tower," disappeared under mysterious circumstances and were presumed murdered by the succeeding King Richard III. Edward IV was buried in St. George's Chapel in Windsor and his tomb remains to this day.

In summary, King Edward IV was an important monarch in the history of England. During his reign he initiated important social and economic changes and marked the end of the Middle Ages in England. His haplogroup and genetic ancestry are also of interest to historical genetics and open new possibilities for research and understanding of English history.

King Edward IV of England belonged to haplogroup J in the paternal line.

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Unveiling Royal Roots: An Astonishing Journey into My Past with iGENEA's DNA Test

Venturing into my clean-cut DNA testing journey with iGENEA, I found myself remarkably linked to König Edward IV. The blend of innovation, professionalism, and innate human curiosity unravelled an awe-inspiring lineage tale. (T. Reifferscheidt)

Let me share with you a fascinating journey into my past that unfolded in breathtaking facets thanks to iGENEA's diligently processed DNA test. As someone naturally intrigued by ancestry and lineage, the opportunity to delve into my roots was irresistible. After a painless process of collecting the needed DNA sample and sending it to iGENEA, my exhilarating sojourn into historic intricacies commenced.

The process was impressively straightforward and hassle-free. I used the swab kit provided to collect my DNA sample, carefully following the step-by-step instructions included. After sealing my DNA sample in the secure envelope, I shipped it back to iGENEA's laboratories. I truly appreciated the ease and convenience the entire process offered, making participating in such an exciting scientific exploration a breeze.

Then came the meticulous part. iGENEA's team of professionals embarked on analyzing my DNA and comparing it with their vast database. They assured me about the privacy of my data at all times, a comforting promise considering the intimate nature of the information shared. Throughout the process, they kept me well-informed, consistently updating me on the progress, setting my impatience at ease.

The revelation was nothing short of astonishing. The meticulously detailed report revealed that I am related to none other than König Edward IV! This unexpected link to royalty left me absolutely dumbstruck. The scope of our common ancestors seemed incredible, a testament to the sheer depth and range of the information iGENEA harbored.

Astoundingly, our shared connection was not limited to bloodline. Certain genetic traits and preferences echoed over the centuries, impressive considering the expanse of time between us. As a history enthusiast, I found this incredibly enthralling—bringing together the past and the present in such a personal, tangible manner.

iGENEA listened to my queries, answering them with thoroughness and positivity. Their experts were keen to share their knowledge, illuminating the vibrant tapestry of my lineage with apluff. The revealing of my lineage morphed into a mesmerizing narrative, bridging gaps I had never even thought to explore.

My journey with iGENEA and my connection with König Edward IV added an exciting layer to my personal history. It deepened my understanding and appreciation of my lineage, making me feel more rooted. Their service is an amazing fusion of technology and history, and I would certainly recommend it to others to unveil their own thrilling tales.

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