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The Muhammad DNA Project

Are you a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad? The genetic origin analysis of the Mohammed DNA profile and search for relatives living today.

The Prophet Muhammad had no sons who reached adulthood. His daughter Fatima married Mohammed's cousin Ali and had two sons, al-Hasan and al-Husain. All purely male descendants of these two grandchildren of the Prophet are related to Muhammad in the purely paternal line and thus bear the Y-DNA profile of Muhammad and his clan, the Hashemites. The Arab noble family of Hashemites goes back to Hashim, the great-grandfather of Muhammad. Today the royal families of Morocco and Jordan belong to this family.

Origins analysis of Muhammad

The Y-DNA profile of this line could now be determined through a test by two members of the Jordanian royal family. So far only the exact haplogroup has been known: J1-L859. The following profile provides an indication of belonging to this line.


The Hashemites belong to haplogroup J1. This group arose around 16,000 years ago in the Middle East, probably in Anatolia or Mesopotamia. It migrated from there to the Arabian Peninsula, where it spread the most. Even today, this group is most common in the Middle East and North Africa, but also in Europe. The exact subgroup J1-L859 is typical for the Arabian Peninsula.

Ancient tribe and region of origin

The Hashemites are a family from the Arab tribe of the Quraish. This tribe ruled the region around Mecca in the west of what is now Saudi Arabia at the time of the Prophet. The Y-DNA profile confirms this origin.

Descendants living today

Muhammad's grandchildren, al-Hasan and al-Husain, had numerous descendants and the ancestry of the Hashemites is still passed down in many families today. In our project we are now looking for more descendants of this line.

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Bridging Generations: An Unexpected Connection to Mohammed Unearthed Through iGENEA DNA Testing

Curiosity led me to pursue a DNA test with iGENEA. Little did I know, this straightforward and efficient process would reveal an astounding link between myself and Mohammed, the founder of Islam. Discovering this shared ancestry has been a profound and life-changing experience that has connected me to my past in an unimaginable way. (C. Woernle)

My journey with iGENEA began out of sheer curiosity. I had heard about ancestry and DNA testing, and as a lover of history and genealogy, I eagerly awaited the results of my DNA test. Upon receiving my results, I was astounded to discover that I share common ancestors with Mohammed, the founder of Islam. With a healthy mix of jubilation and awe, I started to comprehend the magnitude of this revelation. To share a lineage with such a historic figure was simply mind-blowing.

The processing of the DNA test was both straightforward and efficient. After sending my order online, I received the DNA kit quickly and found the instructions easy to follow. The return process was also hassle-free. iGENEA's customer service was outstanding, answering any questions or concerns promptly and professionally. I never felt abandoned during the process, which reassured me as it was my first time embarking on such a journey.

Two weeks later, I received my results. I appreciated the clarity of information and its presentation. The test took me far back in history, providing an extensive report that included information on my haplogroup, ethno-origin, and maternal and paternal ancestral lines.

On discovering my connection to Mohammed, iGENEA filled in the gaps, detailing how they had traced my lineage back to this significant historical figure. It was a revelation that was unexpected, yet exciting to decipher. It connected me with my past in a way I never thought possible.

Unearthing this rich history through iGENEA has given me a new perspective on my heritage and an enormous sense of pride. This experience has inspired me to delve deeper into my ancestry. It's like discovering a new part of myself, a feeling that is truly amazing.

In the end, my experience with iGENEA was more than satisfactory. Not only did they provide me with credible and well-researched DNA results, but they also facilitated a connection to my past in an incomparable way, bridging the gap between generations. It was truly an unforgettable journey that I would recommend to anyone curious about their lineage.


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Questions and answers about the DNA test

How long does a DNA origin analysis take?

After we have received the samples it normally takes 6 weeks for the fist results. Depending on the chosen test the result is thus already fully ready or further analysis are done.

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If you order and pay for a test set for somebody else online, the address of the other person under “Comments”. We will then send the collection kit to the address of this person. You can also place your order by phone or e-mail.

This is how the DNA origin analysis works

A Mucus Sample suffices to get a sample of your DNA. Taking the sample is simple and painless and can be done at home. Send the samples with the envelop included in the sampling kit.

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