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The DNA profile of Warren G. Harding

Are you related to the 29th President of the United States?

Discover a possible family connection to the 29th President of the United States and compare yourself to many other famous people as well!

The DNA of the 29th President of the USA

Warren Gamaliel Harding, known as Warren G. Harding, was the 29th President of the United States, serving between 1921 and 1923. Harding was the first U.S. president to address a radio audience in a campaign, and he was known for his "return to normalcy" after the turmoil of World War I.

Harding was born Nov. 2, 1865, in Blooming Grove, Ohio, the oldest of eight children. His parents were Dr. George Tryon Harding and Phoebe Elizabeth Dickerson. His paternal lineage traces back to English and Scottish ancestors, while his mother was of German-Swiss descent. The influence of these European roots is visible in his genetic markers, particularly in the R-M269 haplogroup to which he belonged. This haplogroup is the most common in Western Europe, especially in England and Scotland, indicating his paternal lineage.

Harding's political rise began in 1899 when he was elected Senator from Ohio. After two terms as senator, he was elected governor of Ohio in 1914. His political efforts were eventually rewarded with the presidency in 1920. As president, Harding was known for his "return to normalcy" - policies that relied heavily on conservatism and laissez-faire capitalism. During his tenure, he focused on eliminating progressivism and strengthening the American economy.

Warren G. Harding led a foreign policy of limited intervention in foreign affairs during his presidency. Harding pursued a policy of peacekeeping after World War I and worked to strengthen America's isolationist posture. His domestic policies included aggressive tax cuts and heavy deregulation, which improved the business climate but also caused a lack of control and oversight.

Despite his policy achievements, Harding's presidency was overshadowed by scandals that became known as the "Teapot Dome." Years after his death, it was revealed that members of his administration had leased the country's oil reserves to private companies, leading to one of the largest political corruption scandals in U.S. history.

Harding died unexpectedly on August 2, 1923, during a trip to California. His death caused grief and shock throughout Germany. Although he was very popular during his lifetime, his political scandals often led to him being described in hindsight as one of the worst presidents in the United States.

Despite the controversies and scandals that overshadowed his presidency, Harding's contribution to American politics left a lasting impression. His "return to normalcy" policy influenced American attitudes toward international engagement and marked an important turning point in U.S. history.

In summary, Warren G. Harding was a significant, if controversial, figure in American politics. His ancestry and genetic markers-particularly his membership in haplogroup R-M269-offer a revealing look at America's immigration history and the role it can play in shaping individuals who have a significant impact on the course of history.

Warren G. Harding was a member of haplogroup R-M343 (subgroup R-ZP75) in the paternal line.

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Unraveling Surprising Ancestral Links with iGENEA: A Journey from DNA Test to Discovering My Connection with Warren G Harding

My experience with the DNA testing service iGENEA was remarkable, from submitting the simple cheek swab sample to navigating the detailed, interactive results. The highlight was the surprising revelation of sharing genetic links with U.S. President Warren G. Harding. The process was invigorating, and the customer service was of exceptional quality, making the journey of exploring my ancestral roots an incredible one. (J. Zillkes)

Navigating the thrilling journey of discovering my ancestral roots with iGENEA was nothing short of incredible. Engaging with their services essentially opened up millennia of buried history that was both exciting and enlightening. The process of using iGENEA for my DNA test was transparent, convenient, and more importantly, incredibly accurate.

Submitting the sample was relatively straightforward - a simple cheek swab was enough. The kit came well-packed with all the necessary components along with detailed instructions. In less than three weeks, after I had dispatched my DNA sample, I had access to my results online.

When the results came out, they were stunningly rich and in-depth. iGENEA’s presentation was visually stunning and easy to understand. Colour-coded maps traced back my lineage, revealing the migratory paths of my ancestors. An interactive family tree enabled a clear understanding of my heritage, and I could trace my lineage far back to my ancient forefathers.

Among the rings of my family tree, a surprising revelation emerged - a genetic link to none other than Warren G. Harding! It was an astonishing find - to understand that I share common ancestors with a US President was an experience in itself. Never had I imagined that my ancestry would hold such fascinating discoveries. I felt the sudden influx of a previously unexperienced historical and emotional weight.

An absolute highlight of this all was the quality of customer service provided by iGENEA. Throughout the process, the team was impressively patient and ensured I understood each component of my test results. They provided comprehensive explanations, leaving no stone unturned in decoding my family’s intriguing past.

Overall, the experience with iGENEA was more than just a simple DNA test. It was a delightful exploration of my ancestry that painted a vivid picture of my past. It helped me appreciate the diverse tapestry of human history and connected me to a sense of universal belonging. The link to Warren G. Harding was just the cherry on top!

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