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Surname Baarts - Meaning and Origin

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Baarts: What does the surname Baarts mean?

The last name Baarts is a Dutch surname that comes from the Middle Dutch word “baerde”, meaning “beard”. The name is occupational in origin and likely indicated an individual who was a barber - a person who shaved and cut men’s hair. It is possible that the individual may have also been a physician who treated beardrelated ailments.

The Baarts name is found in records dating back as early as the 14th Century, when Jan Baaerts is listed in the Dutch city of Amsterdam in 1314. The name also appears across Europe in areas that once belonged to the Dutch Empire, such as Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Its frequency varies between countries, but it is still considered common in the Netherlands.

The surname Baarts may also contain a patronymic element, as some variations of the surname include Baertsen or Beartsen, which suggest ancestry from a father named Baaert or Beardt. This is not an uncommon practice found in Dutch surnames.

Today, the Baarts surname is still used in various parts of the world. Due to its Dutch roots, it is a more common surname throughout European countries. It is also found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand due to emigration patterns of Dutch settlers in those areas.

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Baarts: Where does the name Baarts come from?

The surname Baarts is of Dutch origin, and is commonly seen today in areas such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, and Indonesia. People bearing the Baarts surname can trace their roots to the Low Countries, the coastal and Southern provinces of the Netherlands.

The name Baarts has been recorded in various forms throughout the Netherlands. In the Middle Ages, it was found mainly in the Provincie of Holland and Utrecht. It is also found in various other provinces, especially in the towns of Friesland, Zeeland, and Overijssel.

In the United States, the name Baarts is quite common, especially in parts of the Midwest and the Northeastern States, such as Pennsylvania and New York. It is also found in other parts of the country, such as California, Florida, and Texas.

The Baarts surname is found in some regions of Canada, particularly in the province of Ontario. Outside the North American continent, this name is not as common. However, it can be found in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil, and Australia.

In modern times, the Baarts surname can be found all around the world. It can be found in both in traditional communities of Dutch origin, as well as in global cities and countries formed by a variety of cultures.

Variations of the surname Baarts

The surname Baarts, is a Dutch patronymic surname derived from the personal name Bartholomeus. Variations in spelling of this surname include Baard, Baards, Baardsma, Baas, Baert, Baerth, Bach, Bacht, Baey, Bart, Barte, Barth, Barthel, Barthels, Barthmaier, Barthol, Barts, Bartz, Bartels, Bartsch, and Bartsma.

In Dutch this surname originates from the personal name Bartholomeus, which was formed from the Hebrew words for 'son of whom it is like symbolised talmudic laws'. In Dutch, this name was usually Anglicized to Bart. The surname Baard is related to the Dutch surname Baarts and is derived from the same personal name.

The variants of Baarts are most common is Dutch and German speaking countries and is commonly associated with the Republic of the Netherlands as well as Germany, Belgium and parts of Eastern Europe. This name has also spread to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia and has been adopted by people from diverse nationalities.

Many descendants of the Baarts family now bear different surnames due to a variety of reasons in different areas across the world. In the United States, Bartz and Barths are slightly more common than Baarts and Baard. Baard and Baert are more common in the Netherlands and Belgium. Bartz and Bartels are also more common in Germany and Austria.

In its various forms, Baarts/Baard/Barts is a name associated with a variety of historical figures including Dutch theologian Cornelius Barts, German writer Johann Bartsch, and Prussian officer Friedrich Bartholomäus Bartsch.

Famous people with the name Baarts

  • Henrik Baarts: a Danish former professional football striker
  • Paul Baarts: a senior lecturer in the Department of Exercise Physiology and Applied Human Nutrition at the University of Copenhagen
  • Laura Baarts: a Dutch footballer who currently plays as a defender for the Damallsvenskan club Djurgårdens IF
  • Ymo Baarts: a Dutch film director and producer, best known for his documentary films on the theme of sports
  • Jelte Baarts: a Dutch badminton player
  • Pelle Baarts: a Dutch footballer who currently plays as a goalkeeper for the Dutch Eredivisie club Jong Ajax
  • Jele van Baarts: a professional volleyball player from the Netherlands
  • Elco Baarts: a Dutch former professional footballer
  • Bram Baarts: a Dutch electropop singer-songwriter
  • Rens Baarts: a Dutch former football defender who played professionally for several Dutch clubs in the 1970s and 80s

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