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Surname Baart - Meaning and Origin

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Baart: What does the surname Baart mean?

The last name Baart is a Dutch patronymic surname. It is derived from the masculine given name Bart, which in turn is a short form of the given name Barthelme, derived from the Old German name Bartolf meaning ‘bright, famous wolf’.

Most likely, the original bearer of the Baart surname was someone who was known as the ‘son of Bart’, with the suffix ‘-s’ added to the masculine given name in order to create the patronymic surname. It was a common practice in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe when identifying different members of a family.

The Baart surname can be found in records of Dutch citizens as early as the early 19th century and has since spread into other countries across Europe, and even places worldwide. Today, different variants of the Baart surname can be found, such as Baard, Baarts, Barrt, and Baerts.

The Baart surname is fairly uncommon and is not in the top 500 surnames in the Netherlands. It is however, fairly common among Afrikaners in South Africa, due to its common use as a given name there.

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Baart: Where does the name Baart come from?

The last name Baart is most commonly found in The Netherlands, in particular the province of Overijssel. According to the Dutch genealogy website Genlias, as of 2020, roughly 9,258 people living in The Netherlands share the surname.

This surname originated in the 13th century and is thought to come from the old Netherlands language words 'baerde', meaning 'cut off', and 'baard', meaning 'beard'. It is likely linked to the idea of a 'shorn' beard, possibly worn in Illinois or as part of a religious order. Over time, the variation with the double A's - Baart - became the preferred spelling.

The last name is still quite common in the Netherlands, although it has spread to other countries in Europe and across the world, particularly due to Dutch emigration. Baart is also commonly found in the US, Canada, and Australia in particular, as well as other Dutch speaking regions such as the Caribbean.

The earliest known record of the Baart name can be found in 1688 when Adrianus and Julia Baart signed an endowment to the Sint-Johannes de Doperkerk in Haarlem. This suggests the family were members of a Catholic religious order and thus had a part to play in the history of the Netherlands.

Today, the Baart family is a large and diverse one, with individuals from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. While the Baart name may be less common in some countries, it will remain a well-known Dutch surname for many generations to come.

Variations of the surname Baart

The surname Baart is a patronymic surname derived from the Dutch language from a reduced form of the personal name Bartholomeus (Bart). Variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for this name include Bauer, Baurer, Bawer, Bowr, Bower, Bowre, Bowres, Bart, Barts, Bartsch, Barthel, Barthelemy, and Barthelme.

The variant Baurer was popular in Austria and Germany dating back to the 1500s. Many variations in spelling of this variant were identified from the 1500s through to the 1700s as many names could not be phonetically recorded in registries.

In some areas of Germany the variant Bawer was the most widely used spelling, while in the Netherlands the name was recorded as Baart.

The variant Bauer is derived from the Old German word ‘bauer’ meaning ‘landowner’. This was a common name amongst farmers in the late 1400s and early 1500s when many families adopted this name to show their position as ‘land owners’. Variations of this name include Bouer, Bowr, Bower, Bowre and Bowres.

The variant Bart can be traced to the southern part of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Derived from the Old German given name ‘Bartol’, further alterations and variations were made such as Barts, Bartsch, Barthel, Barthelemy, and Barthelme.

Overall the surname Baart is an ancient name of Germanic origin and the numerous variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin are testament to the diversity of the name and its many origins.

Famous people with the name Baart

  • Marthius Baart: Dutch actor
  • Catharina Baart: Dutch film and television actress
  • Arjen Baart: Dutch footballer
  • Bart Baart: Dutch artist
  • Pieter Baart: Dutch astronomer
  • René Baart: Dutch actor
  • Willem Baart: Dutch poet
  • Dirk Baart: Dutch photographer
  • Roelof Baart: Dutch politician
  • Floortje Baart: Dutch pop singer

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