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Surname Bachert - Meaning and Origin

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Bachert: What does the surname Bachert mean?

The surname BACHERT is derived from the ancient Germanic personal name Bacchold, which is made up of the Proto-Germanic element bakko meaning ‘mound’ and wald meaning ‘power, ruler’. These two elements combined together imply the bearer of the name was a powerful ruler of a small landholding. The name is most commonly found in the Palatinate and Bavaria regions of Germany.

The earliest recorded use of the name is believed to be from 1149 in a Church register, and since then the surname has been well documented throughout Germany’s history. Over the centuries, the name has come to take various spellings, such as BACHERT, BACHHOLTZ, BACHHOLD, BACHELD, BACHOLD, BACHOLDT and many more.

In some respects, this name has come to be a symbol of Germanic heritage and a reminder of the roots of German culture, from those ancestors who laid the foundations for the nation. Those with the surname BACHERT or one of its variants can be proud of this proud link to their German past. Those people today who bear the name BACHERT are scattered throughout the European continent, across Germany, France, Canada and the United States of America.

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Bachert: Where does the name Bachert come from?

The last name BACHERT is most commonly found in regions of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, and Belgium. It is thought to be derived from the German name “Bacher,” which translates to juniper or berry. As a result, the name is often associated with the berry trade and is therefore found frequently in areas where the fruit was once commercially important.

In Germany and Austria, BACHERT is found mostly in the rural regions. In France, it is most commonly seen in the historic region of Lorraine and in the Alsace region near the German border. In Switzerland, the last name is fairly evenly distributed throughout the country, but is most prominent in the northern German-speaking areas.

In Belgium, BACHERT is most common in the southern Flemish region, especially near the border with France. Overall, the distribution of the name BACHERT around the world is indicative of its historic roots in Germany, Austria and France. In general, it can be found in countries bordering the German-speaking area, as well as in the French Lorraine and Alsace regions.

Variations of the surname Bachert

Bachert is an uncommon surname of German origin. It is derived from the Old German word "bachheri", which means "warrior". It likely originated in the Mittelregion region of Germany, where it is recorded from the late 15th century. Variants of Bachert include Bacher, Bachher, Bacher, Bachelier, Bachelet, Bachelier, and Bachs.

The Bachert surname is also found in other European countries, as well as North America. In the United States, the earliest known records of the Bachert surname date to the early 19th century, with Jacob Bachert appearing in the 1810 U.S. census for Ohio. The surname is also present in Canada, where it first appeared in Quebec in the early 1800s.

Variations in spelling of Bachert can also be found. Common variations include Bachar, Bacherl, Bachern, and Bacherol.

The surname is also connected with a few prominent modern-day families. German-born actor Wolfgang Bachert, for example, is an early 20th century actor who was born in Bavaria.

Today, Bachert remains an uncommon surname, but its variations continue to be passed down through families. From its early roots in Germany, the Bachert surname has now spread throughout Europe and North America, and will likely continue to be found in future generations.

Famous people with the name Bachert

  • Johann Sebastian Bach (1685: 1750): Johann Sebastian Bach was a renowned German composer and musician who was a part of the Baroque music era. He is widely recognized as one of the greatest composers of all time and his works are still highly celebrated today.
  • Alexander Bache (1806: 1867): Alexander Bache was an American scientist, educator, and military engineer who was a major advocate for the advancement of science education. He was a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania and later became the Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey.
  • Karl Bacher (1788-1863): Karl Bacher was a highly influential German philosopher, theologian, and historian. He wrote seminal works in the fields of philosophy and history, including On the Nature of Man and his Treatise on the History of Religion.
  • Johann Bacher (1715–1783): Johann Bacher was an Austrian composer, organist, and violinist. He wrote many pieces of great beauty and his work was heavily influenced by his love of the Baroque and Classical music styles.
  • Walter Bacher (1922: 2001): Walter Bacher was an American glass artist who specialized in hand-blown glass sculptures and vessels. His work was known for its vibrant colors and intricate designs, and he was the recipient of many prestigious awards during his lifetime.
  • Dean Bacher (1932: 2009): Dean Bacher was a German-born filmmaker and producer who worked with some of the biggest names in the film industry. He directed the highly acclaimed children's film, The Mysterious Castle and he wrote and produced the 1965 cult classic, Don't Look Back in Anger.

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