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Surname Bacheller - Meaning and Origin

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Bacheller: What does the surname Bacheller mean?

The last name Bacheller is a French surname originating from the Old French word bachelier, meaning "scholar" or "student". It is related to the English word "bachelor" and is also associated with "baccalaureate". Historically, it was used to denote a young man of higher learning who has passed their exams, and was granted a Bachelor's degree.

The earliest records of the Bacheller surname date back to the 14th century in Perche, located in the Normandy region of France. During the Middle Ages, it was used to denote members of the professional class who were educated and had achieved a degree of higher learning. As the world became more connected, the surname spread throughout Europe, as well as to America, where it was phonetically anglicized as Bacheller.

Today, the Bacheller surname is found internationally. It has been adopted by many families around the world who are proud to trace their heritage and history to educated ancestors from various nations. The meaning of the last name remains the same, and is still associated with scholarly achievement and excellence.

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Bacheller: Where does the name Bacheller come from?

The last name Bacheller is a French-Norman name that first appears in England in the 11th century. A popular surname across many countries, today it is often found in the United States, Canada and parts of France.

In the United States, Bacheller is most common in the New England states such as Massachusetts, Connecticut and Vermont. The surname is also well-represented in New York, California, and Washington and across much of the midwest. It is also found in the Southern states, especially in prestigious old families in Virginia and the Carolinas.

In Canada, Bacheller is mainly concentrated in the province of Quebec, where many French Canadians have this name. It is also found in Ontario and the Maritime provinces.

In France, Bacheller has been more represented in the Normandy region, where the original family was responsible for a few strategic castles in the area. This surname is found less often in the south and further east.

No matter where one finds the Bacheller surname around the world, it is a testament to the tenacity of a particular family as they spread through time and space, becoming part of the amalgamation of humanity stretching present day from centuries past.

Variations of the surname Bacheller

The surname Bacheller is a French-based deriving from the Olde French term ‘bacheler’, meaning student. Bacheller is a common spelling of this family name, though other variations and spellings can also be found.

Variants of Bacheller include Bachiler, Baceler, Bacelier, Bacelor, Bacellor, Bacqueler, Baculier, and Bachellerie.

Spellings of the surname often include the additional letter ‘i’, such as Bachiler, Bachellerie, Baculier, and Bacelier. This spelling can also be translated into other languages, such as Baccalari, Bacalar, Baccalaro, and Baccalar.

Surnames of the same origin as Bacheller include but are not limited to Bachot, Bachaud, Bachelot, Bachelet, Bachelay, Bachet, Bachier, Bachellier, Bachar, Bache, Bachette, Baché, Bachant, Bachy, and Bachelaire. These additional variations can be found across England, Wales, and Scotland.

In America, the Bacheller family originated in France and England. Early settlers of the Bacheller surname in America included Gilbert Bacheller, who arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in 1654, and James Bacheller, who settled in Maine in 1668. Variations of the family name in America include but are not limited to Bacheler, Bachiler, Bachillier, Bachelor, Bachlor, Bachelour, Bechellor, Bachellerie, and Bachtell.

In summary, Bacheller is a popular French-derived surname found across Europe, England, Wales, Scotland, and America. Variations and spellings of the name can be seen in countries worldwide.

Famous people with the name Bacheller

  • Irving Bacheller: an American author, journalist, and editor
  • Cushing Bacheller: former Major League Baseball player
  • Erastus Bacheller: 19th century American businessman, politician, and philanthropist
  • Daisy Bacheller: American artist and author
  • George Bacheller: American physicist, professor and author
  • Andrew Bacheller: American politician
  • Phebe Bacheller: 19th century American writer
  • Paul Bacheller: American film historian
  • Lyman Bacheller: American lawyer and author
  • Mary Bacheller: American Christian missionary in Japan during the Meiji Era
  • Jean-Michel Bacheller: French Catholic bishop
  • William Bacheller: 19th century American Congregationalist minister
  • John Bacheller: 19th century American smith and comedian
  • Ida Bacheller: American children’s book author
  • Rebecca Bacheller: American painter of impressionist landscapes

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