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Surname Bachiri - Meaning and Origin

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Bachiri: What does the surname Bachiri mean?

The last name Bachiri is believed to have originated from the North African region of the Maghreb. Specifically, it is thought to have come from Tunisia or Algeria. The literal meaning of the name is unclear, however, there are several theories.

One theory is that the name evolved from an Arabic word meaning ‘one who has the good favor of God’ – this could be a reference to someone who is blessed or one who is considered of a higher social status.

Another theory, which is more widely accepted, is that the name originated from an old Berber word meaning ‘son of a lord’ or ‘son of a chieftain’. This supports the idea that the Bachiri family name is associated with having a high place in society.

Some believe that the name is a variation of the Spanish word ‘bachiller’ which has the same meaning as ‘son of a lord’. As such, the Bachiri’s may have Spanish roots and may have been part of a Spanish colonial family in North Africa.

One approach to determine the meaning of the name is to look into the family’s traditions and history for links to an origin. It appears that no definitive answer can be given, however, the theories provided do give an indication of the general meaning behind the name.

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Bachiri: Where does the name Bachiri come from?

The last name Bachiri is most often found in North Africa. It has origins in the Maghreb region of northern Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco where the people of this region are known as Berbers. The name Bachiri is especially common in Tunisia and Algeria. It is believed to have been brought to Tunisia by the Algerian refugees in 1954, and it remains a relatively rare name outside the Maghreb.

Today, Bachiri families are found primarily in Tunisia and Algeria, but due to immigration, there are now populations throughout the world. For instance, large Tunisian-Algerian communities exist in Europe, particularly in France, and in places such as the United States. These immigrants often took the last name Bachiri with them when they moved. Additionally, Bachiri is also found in some parts of the Middle East, such as in some parts of Jordan and Iraq.

The name Bachiri is typically held by non-Arabs in the Realm of Maghreb, and is a common Algerian and Tunisian last name. The name is also linked with Berber origins, or ‘Imazighen’ in local dialects. In its native region, Bachiri is often associated with merchants and the middle class. It is becoming increasingly common in Europe and other parts of the world, as well as in the Middle East.

Variations of the surname Bachiri

The surname Bachiri originated in the Mediterranean region and is generally associated with people of Turkish or Arabic extraction. It is mostly found among Muslims in Turkey, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco, but may have been adopted by other ethnicities.

The variants, spellings, and surnames of Bachiri include:

Bachri: This is the original Turkish spelling of the name.

Bachtiar: This is the Persian and Arabic spelling of the name.

Bachtri: This is an alternate spelling of the name.

Bachtier: This is the spelling in the Algerian dialect.

Bachtiar: This is the spelling in the Tunisian dialect.

Bachteren: This is a variation of the name found in Turkey.

Bachirieh: This is the form of the name used in Morocco.

Biscal: This is a variation of the name used by some Christian ethnicities.

Farshei: This is the name used by Kurds.

Bakris: This is the Bulgarian spelling.

The surnames derived from Bachiri include:

Bachtrian: This is an alternate spelling of the name.

Bachrie: This is a variation of the original name.

Bachehri: This is an alternate spelling in the Turkish dialect.

Bakshari: This is the Pakistani version of the name.

Bakhshi: This is the Azeri form of the name.

Bakhtiar: This is an Iranian variation.

Beschir: This is a Lebanese variation.

Bashir: This is the commonly used Arabic or Urdu version.

Although the origin of the name is generally associated with people of Turkish or Arabic extraction, a variety of ethnicities have adopted it. The range of variants, spellings, and surnames of Bachiri is extensive and provides insight into the cultural diversity of the source region.

Famous people with the name Bachiri

  • Ahmed Bachiri: Moroccan singer, songwriter, and musical producer.
  • Ibrahim Bachiri: Moroccan newspaper editor and columnist.
  • Salma Bachiri: Moroccan film director and producer.
  • Najoua Belyzel: French-Moroccan singer and songwriter who was born as Najoua Bachiri.
  • Ali Bachiri: Moroccan composer and professor.
  • Razik Bachiri: Moroccan singer, composer, and artist.
  • Assouma Bachiri: Moroccan writer and poet.
  • Nora Bachiri: Algerian actress.
  • Abderrahmane Bachiri: Algerian actor.
  • Hichame Bachiri: Moroccan singer and songwriter.

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