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Surname Jackel - Meaning and Origin

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A Personal Odyssey: Unraveling Surprises in My Jackel Lineage through DNA Testing

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M. Jackel

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Jackel: What does the surname Jackel mean?

The last name Jackel originated in Germany and is derived from the personal name Jakob (also spelled Jacob, Iacob, and Iacop). The personal name is derived from the Hebrew name "Yaakov", which means "may God protect him".

The surname Jackel is recorded in many forms, reflecting the dialects of Germany and the many spelling variations of the various languages. Examples include Jakob, Jakkal, Jakkel, Jakob, Yakob, Jackal, Yokkel, Yackel, Jaeckl, and Jacques.

Throughout Europe, the Coat of Arms originally associated with this surname is a shield divided horizontally with a gold top half and a blue bottom half. In the center of the shield, there is a gold lion head facing forward with a gold crown on its head. This symbolizes courage and strength, which is also a representation of the original bearer of this surname.

Today, the Jackel surname is widespread throughout the world, with families owning businesses or leading public lives. The Jackel name can be seen on famous monuments, retrieved from museum archives, and is still associated with the larger German community.

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Jackel: Where does the name Jackel come from?

The last name Jackel is not a particularly common name, though it does have some presence around the world. In Europe and North America, it can be found mainly in Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. In the United States, it is most common in New York, Pennsylvania, and California. In Latin America, the Jackel surname is mainly found in Mexico, where it has become a Spanish version of the name, written as Jackels. In Asia, the name Jackel is still very rare, appearing mainly in India and China. Given its European origins, it is common in areas once settled by German speaking immigrants, such as Eastern Europe and Russia. In Australia and New Zealand, Jackel is not particularly common, but not uncommon either.

Overall, the presence of the Jackel name is sparse, with the number of individuals bearing the name likely quite low. Even in countries where it has been present for centuries, it is still a relatively uncommon surname.

Variations of the surname Jackel

The surname Jackel has multiple variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Some examples include Jackl, Jäkel, Jakyl, Jakkl, Jaackl, Jaickl, Yahkel, Yahkle, Yakel, Yakl, Jakylo, Yackel, Yackell, Yakle, Jackli, Jackels, Jaeckle, Jäckel, Jeckel, Jäckle, Jackelson, Jackleson, Jäckleson, Jäger, Jaeger, Jagel, Jaekel, Jogel, Jogle, Yegel, Yagle, Yegle, Yagel, Yagele, Yâgele, and Yägele.

The surname Jackel is believed to be derived from the Middle High German word "jagelloc" which means "peddler". As peddlers traveled around from place to place, their name changed depending on the various dialects and languages of the regions they passed through.

Some researchers suggest that some of the spellings of Jackel can be traced back to Jewish origins, while other spellings may originate from a Slavic root word meaning "wanderer".

If the varieties of the Jackel surname are taken into account, it is believed that this surname is of German, Jewish, and/or Slavic origin.

Famous people with the name Jackel

  • Mendel Jackel (1911-1982): Mendel Jackel was a German-Jewish rabbi from Gora Kalwaria in Poland. He was known for his fierce advocacy of Jewish rights in the wake of the Holocaust and his work to preserve the memory of the Jewish victims of the Nazis.
  • Richard Jackel (1935-2015): Richard Jackel was an American-Jewish actor best known for his portrayal of Dr. Jeff Webber in the ABC soap opera General Hospital.
  • J. J. Jackel (1932-2013): J. J. Jackel was a German-Jewish actor who appeared in over 50 different films and television shows, mainly in Germany.
  • Hedy Jackel (1928-1993): Hedy Jackel was a Holocaust survivor and the founder of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C.
  • Paul Jackel (1905-1985): Paul Jackel was a Swiss-Jewish mathematician who made significant contributions to number theory and mathematical physics.
  • Eva Jackel (1921-2016): Eva Jackel was a German-Jewish Holocaust survivor and civil rights activist who spoke out against racism and intolerance in both Germany and the United States.
  • John Jackel (1922-2004): John Jackel was a Polish-Jewish holocaust survivor and international businessman who is credited for saving hundreds of Jews from concentration camps.
  • Günter Jackel (1925-1999): Günter Jackel was a German-Jewish Nobel Peace Prize winner and human rights activist. He is best known for his work as a politician, public servant, diplomat, and Holocaust historian.
  • Heidi Jackel (1929-2003): Heidi Jackel was a German-Jewish Holocaust survivor and author. She is best known for her autobiographical novel, The Sunlit Room.

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