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Surname Jackessone - Meaning and Origin

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Jackessone: What does the surname Jackessone mean?

The last name Jackessone is of French origin and is derived from the personal name Jacque. Jacque originated from the Hebrew name Ya'aqov, or Jacob, meaning “supplanter.” This name originally indicated someone who was the second-born of identical twins. Over time, Jackessone became a surname for descendants of the original bearer. It is not uncommon to find Jackessone as a regionalized variant of Jacques, meaning that the last name gained a specific local connotation.

Today, Jackessone is a relatively rare surname, primarily found in the Quercy area of south-west France. This region was previously known as Lower Gascony and was home to numerous families who had lived there for centuries. People who have the last name Jackessone generally come from the same area and would have been there for some time.

The name Jackessone reflects the rural farming nature of the area, as the surname means “son of the farmer.” This indicates that if your family name is Jackessone, you are likely descended from someone who was involved in agricultural work at some point in the past. It also suggests that the original bearer of the name was an important member of the local community.

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Jackessone: Where does the name Jackessone come from?

The last name Jackessone appears to be mainly associated with German and Italian-speaking countries, with many different spellings in various countries. In Germany, it is most commonly spelled Jakessone, while in Italy it is spelled Giacessone or Giacessoni.

It is also found in countries such as France, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, and other countries that border Germany and Italy. The surname also appears in Brazil, the U.S., Canada, Argentina, and Uruguay, likely as a result of emigration from European countries.

It is particularly prevalent in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. In the United States, the largest population of Jackessone is concentrated in the state of New York. It is also relatively common in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Florida, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

The surname appears to have originated from the German name Jacobsson. This was likely derived from the name Jacob, a biblical name meaning “supplanter”. It is likely that the Jackessone surname arose as a variation of Jacobsson as people moved to different countries and cultures.

Variations of the surname Jackessone

Jackesson is a surname found mainly in Finland and Sweden. It is not a very common name, however there are several known variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

In Finland, the name is spelled Jakesson or Jakessonn. In Sweden, it is spelled Jaakesson or Jakesson. Other variants include Jaakessonn, Jakessonne, Jakeasson, and Jakkeasson.

The corresponding surnames Jakobson and Jacobson also have their roots in this same name. Here, the ‘Jak’ is a shortened version of Jacob.

The name Jakesson is most likely derived from the Biblical name Jacob, which is derived from the Hebrew ‘Yaaqob’, meaning ‘heel-grabber’ or ‘supplanter’. This refers to the story of Jacob, who gained the birthright of his elder brother Esau by seizing Esau’s heel as he emerged from his mother’s womb.

Various nickname forms have also been recorded, including Jakers and Jackers.

Overall, Jackesson is a rare surname with multiple variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. It is most prominently found in Finland and Sweden, where it is most likely derived from the Biblical name Jacob. Nickname forms such as Jakers and Jackers have also been recorded.

Famous people with the name Jackessone

  • Jade Jackessone: a New Zealand singer-songwriter is the only person found who bears the surname Jackessone.
  • Viscount William Jackessone: the title of Viscount Jackessone belonged to William Jackessone, a London-based banker of French extraction.
  • Michael Jackessone: University of Massachusetts professor.
  • Jean Jackessone: a Canadian politician and entrepreneur from Quebec.
  • Anna Jackessone: an Italian-American author and illustrator of children's books.
  • David Jackessone: an English-American visual artist.
  • Elizabeth Jackessone: an English actress
  • Emily Jackessone: a U.S. post-modern writer and poet.
  • Paul Jackessone: a French professional race car driver.
  • Nancy Jackessone: a British fashion designer.
  • Robert Jackessone: an American jazz trombone player.
  • Zeke Jackessone: a former Australian rules football player.
  • Walter Jackessone: an Italian actor and director.
  • Augustus Jackessone: a former Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Christopher Jackessone: an international agility competitor and World Agility Champion.

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