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Surname Jäckle - Meaning and Origin

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Jäckle: What does the surname Jäckle mean?

The last name Jäckle originates from Germany, specifically Bavaria. The name is derived from the Old German word “jagel” meaning “hunter.” This suggests that the Jäckle family could have historical roots as hunters or gamekeepers. Consequently, this name is typically found in rural areas of Germany.

The Jäckle surname has spread to all parts of the German-speaking world, including Austria and Switzerland. During the medieval period, it was also popularly associated with purses or wallets, which further suggests the Jäckle family could have been of a more affluent background.

The name Jäckle also appears in various spellings, such as Jägel, Zägel, Zeckle, Jackel, Jaeckle, and Zicka, all with similar meanings.

The name is still widely popular today, and the Jäckle family have made a significant contribution to many industries, particularly in the areas of business, science, politics, and the arts.

Nonetheless, with its association to rural life and hunting, the last name Jäckle is known to embody the spirit of German heritage, maintaining a proud tradition of loyalty and hard work that continues to this day.

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Jäckle: Where does the name Jäckle come from?

The last name Jäckle (also spelled Jaeckle) is primarily a German surname and it is still relatively common in Germany today. It can also be found in small concentrations throughout Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Poland, and Slovakia.

Jäckle is derived from the Middle High German name Jägel, which was used as an occupational name for people who raised birds and small animals such as ducks and chickens. It can also serve as a nickname for a person who was particularly nimble or swift.

The spelling and pronunciation of Jäckle varies from region to region. In German, the last name is pronounced as "YAH-kell" or "YEK-uhl". In Eastern Europe, it is sometimes pronounced as "YACE-uhl".

The Jäckle family name has been around for centuries, documented as far back as 1270. It may have originated in Bavaria and migrated to other parts of Germany during the medieval period. Today, it is a relatively common German surname, ranking as the 223rd most common name in Germany as of 2018.

It is also relatively popular in Austria and Switzerland, ranking as the 180th most common name in Austria and 371st most common name in Switzerland (2018). In Sweden, the name Jäckle is used as a variant spelling of Jakobsson, which is a more common Swedish last name.

The last name Jäckle has experienced a resurgence in recent years, largely due to immigration from Bavaria to the United States during the 19th century. Today, the surname is found primarily in German-speaking regions of the US, as well as in some parts of Canada.

Variations of the surname Jäckle

The surname Jäckle is an German-Austrian-Swiss surname. It is derived from the given name Jakob, which is derived from the Hebrew name Ya'aqov, meaning "supplanter". Variants of this surname include Jäckl, Jaeckel, Jäkel, Jaeckle, Jaekel, Yakkel, Jaekle, Jäkle, Jackle and Yackly. Additionally, in some areas such as the United States and Canada, the spelling may be changed into Jackley, Jakly or Jaquil.

In German-speaking countries, it is sometimes spelled as Jaeckle, Jaeckl or Jaeckli. These variants have a slightly different origin, as they appear to have derived from the personal name Jakob, which was often spelled as Jackel in the Middle Ages. In the Netherlands, the spelling may be found as Jäkel, Jäkkel or Jäkle.

In regions outside of Germany, variants of Jäckle include Yackel, Yackle, Yakle, Jackel, Jacole, Yakl, Yakkel, Yaeckel, Jaeckel and Yaekel.

Surnames that are related to Jäckle include Jaecks, Yaecks, Jecks, Jex and Jax.These names are derived from the German name Jacke, which is a diminutive form of Jakob.

In total, there are over 20 variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Jäckle.

Famous people with the name Jäckle

  • Richard Jäckle: German actor who is known for his roles in films such as The Black Sheep (1993) and Playing Doctor (1996).
  • Thomas Jäckle: German Physiotherapist and former Professional Basketball Player.
  • Jonas Jäckle: Swiss triathlete and a multisport athlete who competes at a national level.
  • Wolfgang Jäckle: German businessman and entrepreneur who is the founder of the Jäckle Group, a real estate business.
  • Manfred Jäckle: German politician belonging to the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and former member of the German Bundestag.
  • Marcus Jäckle: German tennis player who currently plays on the ATP World Tour.
  • Deborah Jäckle: American synchronized swimmer and three-time Olympian who holds numerous US championships.
  • Heinrich Jäckle: Austrian decathlete and bronze medalist at the 1924 Olympic Games.
  • Matthias Jäckle: German ski jumper and Olympic athlete who competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy.
  • Sarah Jäckle: German swimmer who has been a member of the German National Team since 2004.

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