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Surname Jackl - Meaning and Origin

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Jackl: What does the surname Jackl mean?

The last name Jackl is of German origin, and is derived from the old German word “jagel,” which means “an animal trap” or “a small crevice in a rock.” Those who bore the surname were most likely involved in trapping and hunting animals, or those who lived in a small crevice in the rocks at some point.

During the Middle Ages, the Jackl family in Germany lived in several regions such as Upper Bavaria, Kärnten, Salzburg, and Bavaria-Swabia. By the 19th century the name Jackl was widely spread among Europeans, mostly in German-speaking countries.

In some cases the surname might have been derived from the old personal name Jakob, which is derived from the Hebrew name Jacob and means “he who supplants”, suggesting the original bearer of the name was a supplanter or had supplanted another.

During World War I, many Jackls served in the German Navy and as members of the German Army. In America today, the Jackl surname is frequently written as Jacques or Jackel, although some of the original spellings exist.

The Jackl surname is found in several areas across the world, including Australia, the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Those who are currently living with the Jackl surname are likely to be proud of their German heritage and take great pleasure in unravelling their family’s past.

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Jackl: Where does the name Jackl come from?

The last name Jackl is thought to be of Germanic origin. Today, Jackl is not commonly found in the English-speaking world, however, it is still present in Central Europe and Eastern Europe.

In Germany, Austria and Switzerland the variant "Jackel/Jackl" can be found with highest frequency in the regions of Oberbayern and Unterfranken in Germany. In terms of international distribution, it is spread mainly across Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belarus, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.

In the United States, Jackl is much less common due to a more limited geographic region of origin. While there are some records of Jackl emigrating to America in the 18th and 19th centuries, its prevalence pales in comparison to other Germanic surnames like Miller and Schmidt.

Jackl is most likely established in Canada only through immigration. The largest presence of Jackls are likely to be found in or near the larger cities which have historically experienced high immigration from Germanic-speaking countries, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

The Jackl ancestry is mostly in Central and Eastern Europe today and it is relatively uncommon in English-speaking countries, such as United States and Canada.

Variations of the surname Jackl

The surname Jackl is most commonly spelled Jackl, although other variations of the surname also exist. Jackyle, Jacklle, Jackul, Jakl and Jakle are all alternative spellings of the Jackl surname. Additionally, the name can sometimes take on additional suffixes, such as Jackelle, Jaklle, Jackulle and Jaklele. Some of these spellings may also be found in other countries due to variations in regional pronunciation and spelling.

The surname might also develop into surnames with different spellings or origins. Common variants of the surname include Jakli, Jaklov, Jaklovitch, Jaklovski, Jakobs, Jakobski, Jakobovs, Jakobowicz, and Jakobovitch. Additionally, the surnames Jakubowski, Jablonski, Jablonska, Jablonske, Jablonsky, Jablonskie, Jakowiak, Jakowicki, Jakowicz, and Jakowycz may also derive from the Jackl surname.

The very rare surname Jackol is believed to originate from a diminutive form of Jackl, and there is also evidence for the surname Jack being an evolution of the Jackl name. Additionally, the surnames Jackman, Jakman, Jaco, Jakov, Jacov, Jackson, and Jackowski may all also be derived from Jackl.

Famous people with the name Jackl

  • Jack Lawrence: American singer and songwriter.
  • Jack Jackl: German actor. 3.Jürgen Jackl: German actor in films and TV series such as the Tatort broadcasting series.
  • Don Jackl: American film and TV producer.
  • Lawrence Jackl: American actor.
  • Paul Jackl: German actor. 7.Rudolf Jackl: Austrian actor and theatre director.
  • Steve Jackl: American actor.
  • Gerd Jackl: German actor.
  • Richard Jackl: Swiss actor and voice actor.

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