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Surname Stahn - Meaning and Origin

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Stahn: What does the surname Stahn mean?

The last name Stahn is most likely of German origin. It derived from a medieval personal name that was derived from the Germanic element ‘stan’ meaning ‘stone’ or ‘rock’. In some cases, the name may be a shortened form of the medieval names Stanislaus or Stanthias, which both consist of Germanic elements that have the same meaning.

Throughout the centuries, the last name Stahn has been used to refer to anyone with a strong fortitude or brave character, much like a large rock or stone. Such a meaning can be seen in Jewish, French, African, and other culture backgrounds, with Stahn being a nick name given to a parent or ancestor with a particularly strong personality or temperament.

Today the last name Stahn can be found across Europe and North America, typically amongst those of German descent. It is also sometimes used as a first name due to its sound and strong meaning.

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Stahn: Where does the name Stahn come from?

The last name Stahn is most commonly associated with Germany and parts of central Europe. It has become increasingly uncommon in recent decades, with a stronger German diaspora. According to the 2020 Global FamilyName Index, there are approximately 4,000 members of the Stahn family living in Germany. Outside of Germany, Stahn is also found in countries with a higher concentration of German immigrants, such as the United States, Canada, and Australia.

In the US, the top states where Stahn is most widely located are Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. In Canada, Ontario and Alberta have the highest numbers of families with the last name Stahn. And in Australia, the highest concentration of Stahn family members is in Victoria and New South Wales.

Ultimately, Stahn is more heavily concentrated in areas that have had more German immigration in the last century, and today's international Stahn population is much smaller than it was historically.

Variations of the surname Stahn

The surname Stahn is derived from the German word “stan” which means stone or boulder. As a surname, it is most commonly found in Germany, but there is also a large presence of the name in North America and the United Kingdom.

The variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Stahn include Stahne, Stahnke, Stahnck, Stein, Stehn, Steinhagen, Stohen, Steing, and Steinhäuser. The related surnames derive from the root “steen” in Dutch, which is a version of “stan” and can be found among many Dutch, Swedish, and German-speaking families. Variants of Steinhagen include Steinhäger, Steinhegge, Steinhegger, Steinhager, and Steinhedge.

In North America, the original form of the surname “Stahn” can primarily be found among descendants of German, Dutch, and Swiss immigrants, who brought the surname to the US in the 18th and 19th centuries. More modern spellings of the Stahn surname include Staun, Stawn, Ston, Stone, and Stonen. It is also quite common to find the surname spelled Stahnke or Stehnke.

The name Stahn or its variants can also be found in the UK. Here, the surname is often spelled Staun, Stone, or Ston. These spellings are most likely derived from the English “stony”, which dates back to the 15th or 16th century. In Scotland, the spelling coefficients are Stein and Lynn.

In summary, the variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for Stahn include Stahne, Stahnke, Stahnck, Stein, Stehn, Steinhagen, Stohen, Steing, Steinhäuser, Staun, Stawn, Ston, Stone, Stonen, Stahnke, Stehnke, Staun, Stone, Ston, Stein, and Lynn.

Famous people with the name Stahn

  • Emil Stahn is a German actor.
  • Paul Stahn is a former American football offensive lineman.
  • Martha Stahn is a German athlete.
  • Wilkinson Stahn is an American political scientist.
  • Dieter Stahn is a German journalist.
  • Amelie Stahn is an Austrian actress.
  • Ulrich Stahn is a German artist.
  • Michelle Stahn is an American fine art stylist.
  • Wolfram Stahn is a German economist.
  • Sonja Stahn is a German photographer.
  • Erich Stahn is a German voice actor.
  • Kim Stahn is a Danish actor.
  • Paul Stahn is a German contemporary composer.
  • Jorg Stahn is a German film director.
  • Oskar Stahn is a German actor and poet.
  • Sasha Stahn is an American comedian.
  • Elke Stahn is a Dutch entrepreneur.
  • Otto Stahn is a German neurologist.
  • Holger Stahn is a German doctor.
  • Kimberley Stahn is an American singer-songwriter.

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