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Surname Brown - Meaning and Origin

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E. Brown

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Brown: What does the surname Brown mean?

The last name Brown is of English, Scottish and Irish origin and comes from the Old English term "brun" or the Old Norse personal name "Bruni". The name was originally a nickname for a person who had brown hair or skin, often related to a darker complexion or clothing color. It could also be used to refer to someone who frequently wore the color brown. It's one of the most common surnames in the English-speaking world, showing the widespread use of colors as identifiers in the Middle Ages, when surnames became prevalent. In Scotland, the Brown surname was particularly common amongst those of Celtic roots, while in Ireland it often became an anglicized form of the Gaelic "Ó Bruin", meaning descendant of Bruin. It is important to note that surnames can have multiple origins and meanings can vary based on geographical location and time.

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Brown: Where does the name Brown come from?

The last name Brown is a very common surname across the world, with variations of the name found in almost every country. It is particularly common in the English speaking world, particularly in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United States, Brown is the sixth most popular last name. It was most commonly found amongst immigrants from Britain, Ireland and Scotland, although it is now found amongst a variety of ethnic groups. In Canada, Brown was ranked the fourth most common last name in the 2016 Census. In the United Kingdom, Brown is one of the most common last names, with about 1.1 million people with the last name.

Brown is also common in other parts of the world, particularly in other English-speaking countries such as South Africa and parts of the Caribbean. Brown is also found amongst French-speaking Canadians and in some parts of Latin America. It is particularly common in Spanish-speaking countries such as Mexico and Puerto Rico, with variations of the name, such as 'Perez' and 'Gutierrez'.

Overall, no matter where it is found, Brown is a very common last name across the world, representing many different nationalities and cultures.

Variations of the surname Brown

The most common surname of Brown can be spelt in a variety of ways, including Browne, Broun, Brun and Braun. In some cases, the spelling change is determined by the country of origin, for example in America and Britain the most common variation is "Brown".

Variations on the spelling of Brown exist across a wide geographic area, such as in Scotland and Ireland where the variant is "Browne". In Germany the name is spelled "Braun". For Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Denmark and Norway, the spelling for Brown is "Brun".

Surnames that have the same origin as Brown include, but are not limited to, Berry, Bourne, Bowers, Boor, Bowyer, Burr and Barnes. English roots of the name can be traced to descriptions of a person's clothing or hair colour; for example, someone with brown hair may have been referred to as "rounde brown".

Additionally, within Scottish and Gaelic origin, the Brown surname can be traced back to being a habitational name, in which families would take a name of the local region they settled in, such as Brounrigg meaning "the hill of Brown". Likewise, a family from a place called Bruunisbyri (in Finland) may take the Scottish spelling of Broon.

In conclusion, the surname Brown can be spelt in many ways, and documents such as birth certificates and marriage certificates can provide an invaluable source to help trace an exact spelling.

Famous people with the name Brown

  • Alan Brown: British actor
  • Aaron Brown: American journalist
  • Amber Brown: American singer
  • Bobby Brown: American singer
  • Bethany Brown: Australian actress
  • Chris Brown: American singer and dancer
  • Dan Brown: American author
  • Duncan Brown: Scottish footballer
  • Elaine Brown: American political activist
  • Elizabeth Brown: British actress
  • Foxy Brown: American rapper
  • Gareth Brown: British cricketer
  • George Brown: Canadian statesman
  • Helen Brown: Colombian actress
  • James Brown: American singer
  • Jamie Brown: American sprinter
  • John Brown: American abolitionist
  • Johnny Brown: American comedian and actor
  • Keith Brown: American marine, writer
  • Kenneth Brown: Canadian politician
  • Kimberly Brown: American actress
  • Laurence Brown: British actor
  • Layla Brown: British model
  • Lil’ Kim or Kimberly Denise Jones: American rapper
  • Marc Anthony Brown: American actor
  • Martin Brown: British cartoonist
  • Molly Brown: American philanthropist
  • Morgan Brown: American actor
  • Peter Brown: American actor
  • Ralph Brown: British actor and writer
  • Reggie Brown: American comedian
  • Sam Brown: British singer and songwriter
  • Scott Brown: American politician
  • Thomas Brown: British author
  • Tommy Brown: American singer
  • Tyler Brown: American singer
  • Zac Brown: American singer

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