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Surname Jackobs - Meaning and Origin

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Jackobs: What does the surname Jackobs mean?

The last name 'Jackobs' is thought to originate from the personal name Jacob. The name is thought to derive from the biblical figure known as Jacob, son of Isaac, and grandson of Abraham. In the Old Testament, Jacob was a Patriarch, also known as Israel, who had twelve sons, and whose descendants eventually formed the twelve tribes of Israel.

The name Jacob is thought to have originally come from the Hebrew language, with the meaning 'may he protect'. The name is also thought to be derived from the Hebrew root -q-b-l meaning 'to take by the heel', which may be interpreted to mean 'to supplant' or 'to follow'.

The last name Jackobs is known to have originated in England during the Medieval period, with early documented references to the name traced back to as early as 1228. The name has since spread throughout different parts of England, as well as various other parts of the world. Today, Jackobs is still a relatively popular surname throughout England.

Overall, the last name Jackobs is believed to have originated from the personal name Jacob, and is thought to have been brought to England during the Medieval period. The origin of the name is also thought to mean 'may he protect' or 'to take by the heel'. The name is still popular in various parts of England to this day.

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Jackobs: Where does the name Jackobs come from?

The surname Jackobs is most common in countries with a significant population of Ashkenazic Jews. This includes the United States, Israel, Russia, Germany, and Austria, as well as some other countries in Europe and the Middle East. The highest concentration of people with the Jackobs surname is in Israel, where it is the 40th most common surname.

In the United States, people with the Jackobs surname are most numerous in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. According to, the Jackobs surname is the 25,962nd most common name in the United States, making it significantly more common than the average surname in the United States, which is ranked at 104,122 out of all surnames. This means that, while the surname is not particularly common, it is still relatively easy to find people with the Jackobs surname in the United States.

In the United Kingdom, the Jackobs surname is a rare variant of Jacobs. The United Kingdom's Office of National Statistics estimates that there are only 2,890 people with the Jackobs surname in the entire United Kingdom, putting it at the 4,443rd most common surname there.

Overall, the Jackobs surname is relatively uncommon, though not entirely rare. While primarily found in countries with a significant Ashkenazic Jewish population, the surname can still be found in the United States, United Kingdom, and other parts of the world by virtue of immigration and population migrations.

Variations of the surname Jackobs

The surname Jackobs is derived from the personal name Jacob, derived from the Hebrew yakob meaning "supplanter." This surname can be spelled in various ways, including Jackobs, Jakobs, Jacobson, Jacobs, Jacobsen, Jacoby, Jacobi, Jacobowitz, Jacobowitz, Jakoby, Jakobsen, Jakoby, and Jakobowitz.

Jacobson and Jacobs are the most common variants of Jackobs. These are the most often used spellings in the United States, while Jackobs is the most common spelling used elsewhere. Jacobsen, Jacoby, Jacobi and Jacobowitz variations are all related to this name.

In Germany, other forms of Jackobs include Jakobs, Jakobsen, Jakoby, and Jakobwitz. In Norway, Jakobsen is the only variant of Jackobs. All of these variants stem from the name Jacob or its Latin equivalent Jacobus.

Jackobs can also be found in the form of several hyphenated last names, such as Jacob-son, Jacobs-en, Jakob-sen, and Jacob-owitz. Additionally, in Scandinavia, surnames which are compounded with "son" at the end, such as Larsen or Nilsen, can be associated with Jackobs.

Overall, Jackobs is a surname with many variants, spellings, and variants of the same origin. All of these variants come from the personal name Jacob and its derivatives in other languages and countries.

Famous people with the name Jackobs

  • Jack Jackobs, actor
  • Ryan Jackobs, professional hockey player
  • Robert Jackobs, professional golfer
  • Mark Jackobs, Oscar-winning filmmaker
  • Lauren Jackobs, Olympic swimmer
  • Michael Jackobs, NBA player
  • Annika Jackobs, comedian
  • Jeff Jackobs, talk-show host
  • Molly Jackobs, tennis player
  • Cory Jackobs, pop singer
  • Andrea Jackobs, fashion designer
  • Steve Jackobs, tech innovator
  • Justin Jackobs, race car driver
  • Ryan Jackobs, actor
  • Ada Jackobs, author
  • Gavin Jackobs, entrepreneur
  • Jane Jackobs, astronaut
  • Katy Jackobs, artist
  • Lucy Jackobs, drummer
  • Tracy Jackobs, movie producer

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