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Surname Jackobasch - Meaning and Origin

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Jackobasch: What does the surname Jackobasch mean?

The last name Jackobasch is of German origin. It has multiple variations of spelling, including Jackel, Jakopitsch, Jakobisch, Jacobsch and Jakobasch. The name is derived from the given name Jacob, which means “supplanter” or “holder of the heel” in Hebrew. This origin makes Jackobasch a patronymic surname that was created from the father’s first given name.

The original meaning and spelling of the surname probably has its roots in the 12th century when it refers to a “son of Jacob,” indicating that the bearer descended from a particular family. This type of surname was popular throughout northern Germany during the medieval period and many variations began to arise as prefixes like J- and Jak- were added to the family name.

Roughly translated, Jackobasch refers to someone who is “son of supplanter” or “son of Jacob.” It is a tribute to the legacy of Jacob’s descendants and the increase in family connections throughout the centuries. There is an online database with various details about the family, including their origins, genetic relations, and ancestral home.

Jackobasch is considered to be a fairly common surname and is still found in Germany today, along with many other parts of Europe. It is a visible reminder of loyalty and purpose, a tangible link to the past and all its goodness.

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Jackobasch: Where does the name Jackobasch come from?

The last name Jackobasch is recorded in several countries around the world today. In Germany it is found in greater numbers and is likely of German origin. Other countries such as the United States, Canada, Northern Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand have small amounts of people with the surname.

Jackobasch is a patronymic surname, deriving from the first name Jacob. It is likely derived from the German given name Ja(h)kob, which is the German spelling for Jacob. Records show that it was a fairly common name in Germany in the 16th century.

Today, Jackobasch is most common in Germany, where it ranks 710 in the list of most common last names. In other countries, it is rare, forming a small, but growing, diaspora.

In the United States, Jackobasch is the 33,175th most common surname. In Canada, it is the 28,992th most common surname, and in Northern Ireland, it is the 6,179th most common surname. In Australia and New Zealand, the surname is quite rare, with fewer than 100 people in each country bearing the name.

Overall, Jackobasch is most common in Germany, with a growing diaspora in other countries. It is likely a German surname and dates back at least to the sixteenth century.

Variations of the surname Jackobasch

The surname Jackobasch is derived from the given name Jacob, a Biblical figure who was the father of Israel. The name Jacob itself is of Hebrew origin, and the variants of this surname are numerous.

The most common variant of this surname is Jacobs. This is likely the original form of the name before it became associated with a specific family unit. This variant is found in both the Netherlands and Germany, and is sometimes written with other suffixes, such as Jocobs, Jakobs, Jacobenz, Jacobz, Jacobsen, Jakobsen, Jacubasch, or Jacobsma.

Other spellings of this name include Jakobasch, Jakobash, Jakobosch, Jakobasche, Jakobusch, Jakobsche, Jakobaschly, and Jakobisch. These spellings can be used interchangeably, depending on the specific region where the name is being used.

As for other surnames of the same origin, there are a few related surnames which may still be in use today. These include Jakobovsky, Jackowski, Jakobowich, Jakobowicz, and Jakubowicz.

In short, the variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Jackobasch are numerous. Those tracing their family history are encouraged to research all possible variants of the surname when conducting their genealogical research.

Famous people with the name Jackobasch

  • Gavin Jackobasch: Australian journalist, former editor of The Sunday Telegraph newspaper in Sydney.
  • Jay Jackobasch: Australian Entrepreneur, Founder of CHARGE Technology, Co-founder and Chief Spreader of Cheer of Vibes Audio.
  • Tim Jackobasch: Actor in multimedia projects such as TV series, music videos, films and advertising.
  • Bela Jackobasch: Professional Poker Player and Twitch Streamer.
  • Pete Jackobasch: Architect and entrepreneur who was the Creative Director for architecture firm ACME.
  • Andy Jackobasch: Former Australian Baseball player.
  • Lily Jackobasch: Model in campaigns for several high-profile brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma.
  • Barry Jackobasch: Canadian musician, singer, songwriter, and composer.
  • Al Jackobasch: American professional basketball player who played in the NBA.
  • Pippa Jackobasch: British fashion designer who founded the luxury womenswear brand Jackobasch in 2018.

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