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Surname Baar - Meaning and Origin

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Baar: What does the surname Baar mean?

The last name Baar is of German origin and is derived from the Middle High German word ‘baere’, which means ‘bar’. This term is likely related to the Middle High German word ‘baerlich’, which means ‘bar-like’. Historically, this last name was most likely used to refer to a person who worked in some capacity related to the manufacture, storage or distribution of alcoholic beverages. This could have applied to tavern, brewery or distillery owners, as well as to permit and tax collectors. It is possible that it could also have been used to refer to sailors who sailed regularly between ports, as they may have been referred to as ‘bar sailors’ or ‘drunken sailors’ at one point.

The Baar family crest is a heraldic shield that features two silver-colored curved swords that intersect each other at their top and their tips pointing outward. The color suggests silver, and the swords represent strength in battle, courage, and loyalty. The symbol also suggests protection and good ahortunate.

Today, the Baar family name is found in many parts of the world including Canada, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Italy, and Slovakia. Although the primary meaning of the Baar name is a reference to a person involved in the safekeeping or storage of alcohol, it also serves as a reminder of the importance of strength, loyalty, protection and good fortune, which are all qualities to be admired.

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Baar: Where does the name Baar come from?

The Baar surname is most commonly found in several German-speaking countries, including Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. It also has a long history in Alsace, a region of northeastern France, historically home to a German-speaking population.

Within Germany, the Baar surname is most commonly found in the Baden-Württemberg region of the country, particularly in the area around Stuttgart as well as the border region to Switzerland and France. Historically, this region was home to a significant population of ethnic Germans, and the Baar surname is found there in both German and French documents.

In Switzerland, the Baar surname is mostly found in the canton of Zug, which is located in the north-central part of the country and borders on central Germany. Some documented instances of the Baar surname can also be found in the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft in the northwest.

Further afield, the Baar surname is also present in North and South America, particularly in Texas and Brazil. In the latter, the Baar family has a long history, with German immigrants arriving and settling in the country in the 19th century, often in search of economic opportunity.

Overall, the Baar surname is still relatively common in all of these countries today, with roots stretching back hundreds of years.

Variations of the surname Baar

The surname Baar can have various forms, spellings, and derivatives. In some instances, Baar may take the form of Bare, Baer, Bar, Bahr, or Bähr.

The surname Baar originates from various countries, most commonly from Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands. Baar is a toponomic name indicating a person who resided near a bar or a hill. As such, the surname may have several localized spellings, such as Debaer, Vanbaer, and Schüttebaer. Other related derivatives might include Baehr or Bähr, commonly found from Bavaria; Bahrs, a form typical of Dutch-speaking peoples; and Bar und Bahrs, a variant found in Germany.

In Jewish tradition, the surname Baar may be found spelled as Bar. This variant, which can be found in countries such as Israel, Ukraine, and Russia, was taken from the Hebrew word bar, meaning son of.

In the United States, the surname Baar is most commonly found in its original spelling. Variants such as Bare, Bar, Bahr, and Bähr are also comminly used. Common derivative spellings of Baar may include Barr, Barrs, Barre, and Barone.

Overall, the surname Baar may take many forms, from the surname's localized spellings to its many derivatives. Consequently, it may be an intricate task to determine a person's origin from the surname alone.

Famous people with the name Baar

  • Otl Aicher: Otl Aicher was a German graphic designer, painter and typographer. He is best known for his corporate identity work as the creative director of the visual identity of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich.
  • Theo Baar: Theo Baar is a Dutch financial consultant. He has an MS in finance from the University of Amsterdam and is a former consultant for the OECD.
  • Elcke van Baar: Elcke van Baar is a Dutch actress best known for her work in the television series sublime and Wopking.
  • Paul Baar van Linden: Paul Baar van Linden is an artist and former professor at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, Netherlands. He is known for his abstract works and his use of interdisciplinary media.
  • Dirk Jan Baar: Dirk Jan Baar is a Dutch musician, film composer, and producer who has worked in both mainstream and independent film soundtracks.
  • Hans van Baar: Hans van Baar is a Dutch painter, printmaker, sculptor, and graphic designer. He is a part of the “De Haagsche School,” which is a movement of modern realist artists from the Hague.
  • Geertje Baar: Geertje Baar is a Dutch writer, performer, and director active in the Rotterdam theater scene since the late 1990s. She is known for her avant-garde and absurdist works.
  • Barco Baar: Barco Baar is a Dutch television host and entrepreneur best known for his work co-hosting the Dutch television program Don’t Tell Me Anything.

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