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Surname Jabary - Meaning and Origin

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Jabary: What does the surname Jabary mean?

The surname Jabary is a French-Canadian variant of the Arabic name Jabari, which derived from the root word jabara meaning “to rumble” or “to roar.” It is believed to have originated in North Africa, and is shared by both Christians and Muslims. The surname may also be derived from the Latin word gabar, meaning strong or brave.

Jabary is a popular surname in France and Canada. In France, it is mostly found in the northern regions of the country, while in Canada, it is more widespread. It is also common in other countries such as the United States, Spain, and Brazil.

Throughout its history, Jabary has been associated with strength, courage, and perseverance. It is carried on with pride by generations of Jabarys, who have strived to live with honesty and integrity. The name symbolizes the family's commitment to an honorable and worthy life.

In modern times, the Jabary surname is still carried proudly. It is a reminder of humble beginnings and a reminder of the family’s perseverance and courage. Along with that reminder, the Jabarys strive to maintain the same strength and courage that earned them their surname.

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Jabary: Where does the name Jabary come from?

The last name Jabary is most commonly found in the Middle East, and particularly in Iraq. This popular last name has been around for centuries, with records of Jabary family members found as far back as the 15th century in what is now modern-day Iraq. The Jabary family eventually spread, with members settling in many different cities, states, and countries within the region. Jabary is still a popular surname in Iraq and is found in the country's major cities such as Baghdad, Basra, and Mosul. There are also members of the Jabary family living in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon.

Outside of the Middle East, Jabary is found most often in countries with large populations of traditional Iraqi immigrants such as the United States, Canada, and Germany. In the United States, the Jabary family is most common in California, Texas, and Michigan. In Canada, the last name is most common in Ontario and Alberta.

The Jabary family today continues to be a prominent and respected one within the Middle East and Middle Eastern diaspora. It is a surname associated with traditional values and a strong sense of family and community. The Jabary surname remains a symbol of resilience, pride, and resourcefulness throughout the region.

Variations of the surname Jabary

Jabary is a surname which can be spelled in various ways, including Jabari, Jebari, Jabarri, and Jabbour. All of these variations come from the same origin, which is a variant of the Arabic name Jabbar, meaning 'powerful' or 'strong'. This surname is most commonly used in the Middle East and North Africa, and can be alternatively spelled Jabbori, Jaboori, Jaborey, Joobery, Jabbouri, Jarbou, and Jaber.

The family name is derived from the Arab root 'Jabr', which means 'mighty' or 'strong-willed'. It is also known to encompass a wider group known as Qaysi.

In Turkish, the surname is spelled Cebbar. In Hebrew, the surname is spelled Yabary, and in other languages, it may also be spelled Gebar, Djebar, Djabar, Cebar, and Cibar. Additionally, the name has numerous variants in other languages, including other dialects of Arabic, such as the Lebanese, Tunisian, and Yemeni variants.

In most cases, the spellings are interchanged, depending on geographic location. For example, the surname Jabar may be spelled Jabari in Saudi Arabia and Jabbour in Israel. Additionally, the surname may also be spelled differently in different languages, such as Gebar in Turkish, Djebar in French, and Cibar in Bulgarian.

Overall, Jabary is a surname with numerous variations and spellings, depending on location and ethnicity. It is derived from the powerful Bedouin warrior tribe of Arab origin, and is a combination of the root’ words 'jabr' and 'majd', for strength and power. As such, those who carry the surname are believed to be born with great courage and strength.

Famous people with the name Jabary

  • Ziggy Jabary: Iraqi-American actor and producer, known for his roles in the films Magalat Hotam and Bereshit.
  • Jamal Jabary: Jordanian actor and director who directed films such as 'Habibi', 'Anghitou', and 'Adrift'.
  • Ziyad Jabary: Palestinian-American author of 'Palestine Through My Eyes' and 'A Provisional Palestine'.
  • Tarek Jabary: Egyptian-American footballer and coach, currently a member of the International Soccer Coaching Alliance and Indiana Soccer Coaches Association.
  • Fuad Jabary: Jordanian footballer who plays as a defender for Al-Wehdat Club.
  • Dexter Jabary: Lebanese-American musician who is part of the hip-hop duo 'Syck Simmonz' and an independent artist.
  • Hamdi Jabary: Jordanian-German doctor and researcher, who has published numerous scientific articles and studies on defense physiology, pharmacology and nutrition.
  • Essam Jabary: Jordanian poet and journalist who is the author of the bestselling book, The City of The Dreams.
  • Jihad Jabary: Jordanian painter and sculptor, whose works focus on political and social issues and have been shown in numerous international exhibitions.
  • Mohammad Jabary: Jordanian restaurateur and chef known for his award-winning restaurant, Al-Murabi, in Amman.

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