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Surname Jaceck - Meaning and Origin

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Jaceck: What does the surname Jaceck mean?

Jaceck is a Polish surname which is derived from the name Jakub, which is a form of Jacob. It’s believed that the name originated in the Czech language but it does not have an exact meaning in either language. Some have suggested that the name was used as a nickname for someone who had a “Jacob-like” character, but the definitive origin of the name is unclear.

Today, Jaceck is most commonly associated with Poland, where it is a rather popular surname. Many different variants of the surname can be found in Poland, such as Jacacki, Jakacka, and Jaczek. However, it is not limited to Poland, as it is also found in Germany, France, and Hungary.

Historically, the surname was used to distinguish individuals by their descent. It indicates that an individual was from a particular area or region of Poland, as the surname was often associated with certain families from southeastern Poland.

Jaceck is also linked to Christian religions in Poland, as many people with the surname are of Catholic or Protestant descent.

The surname Jaceck is thought to be fairly uncommon outside of Poland, however, due to the globalization of the world, it has become more widespread across Europe and other parts of the world. In the United States, the surname is not commercial very commercial, however, it is still present in some areas. Overall, Jaceck is a widely-recognized surname linked to the country of Poland and numerous European countries.

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Jaceck: Where does the name Jaceck come from?

The last name Jaceck is most commonly found amongst European populations. The highest density of the surname is located in Silesia, a region in south-west Poland. Here, it is estimated that it is held by about 1 in every 3,350 people. The name is also found in large numbers in Slovakia, Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and Belarus.

Elsewhere, there are smaller numbers of Jacecks located in the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Sweden. In the United States, the name is most commonly found in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois, which is likely due to Jaceck immigration to these areas in the 19th century. It is likely, however, that Jaceck families have moved to other parts of the country since then. Nationally, Jaceck is found in only about 1 in every 270,000 people.

Along with the other variations of the name, such as Jack, Jasek, Jassek, and Yazek, there are likely far more individuals with the Jaceck last name residing across the world, particularly in places with large populations, such as the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Variations of the surname Jaceck

The surname Jaceck is an anglicized spelling of the Polish surname Jęcek, which is derived from the Slavic occupational surname ‘Jędza’, meaning 'herder'. In countries that have experienced a high level of immigration, the spelling variations of the surname Jaceck have become numerous.

One variant spelling of the Jaceck surname is Jasek. Jasek is more common than Jaceck in some locations, such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other Central European countries. It is also common in regions in North America that have seen a high level of immigration.

Jęscek is another variant spelling of the surname Jaceck. This spelling variation is popular in select regions of Poland.

Jazek is also a variant spelling of this surname. This spelling variation is more prominent in parts of the United States that experienced a high level of immigration from Eastern Europe.

Other spelling variants of the Jęcek surname include Jazik, Jazic, Jesic, and Jecik. The surnames of Jezicki and Jezicke are derivatives of Jęcek.

In addition to the various variants and spellings, some surnames are spelled differently than Jaceck, but stem from the same original form. Examples of surnames of the same origin include Jęć, Jęc, Jaz, Jaseck, and Jececk.

Famous people with the name Jaceck

  • Jordan Jaceck: Actor, producer, screenwriter, and director best known for his roles in films such as The League and Fear Factor.
  • John Jaceck: American football quarterback who played in the NFL.
  • Richard Jaceck: Major League Baseball player for the Chicago White Sox from 1959-1966.
  • Dave Jaceck: Award-winning film production designer who has worked on films such as The Dark Knight, Skyfall, Spiderman 2 and 3, and The Avengers.
  • Sam Jaceck: Professional soccer player in the National Women's Soccer League.
  • David Jaceck: Actor, best known for his role in the short film Night Shift.
  • Joe Jaceck: Veteran actor, best known for his roles in Reign Over Me and Ain't Them Bodies Saints.
  • Steve Jaceck: Singer-songwriter, also part of the band "The Haunting Hour".
  • Colton Jaceck: Actor, best known for his roles in the films Roads of Sorrow and The Whole Truth.
  • Robert Jaceck: Professional tennis player, ranked as high as number 464 in the world.

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