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Surname Jackisch - Meaning and Origin

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Jackisch: What does the surname Jackisch mean?

The surname Jackisch is a German occupational surname derived from a nickname for a "butcher." Specifically, the surname Jackisch originates from the medieval German word “Jacke,” which translates literally to “jacket” or “coat,” and was the term used to describe the thick leather or cloth apron worn by a butcher while at work.

In German culture, nicknames or surnames such as Jackisch were often adopted to denote a person's occupation as well as to distinguish one individual from another. As such, Jackisch could have been used most commonly by a butcher or someone who worked in a butcher shop or at a butcher's market.

Descendants of the Germanic Jackisch surname can still be found today all across the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries. Other variations of the surname include Jackish, Jacque, Jäger, Jackels, and the more rare Jache.

Jackisch is an apt and timeless surname that stands as a living reminder of an important and honorable occupation that deserves respect and appreciation even today.

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Jackisch: Where does the name Jackisch come from?

The last name Jackisch originated in Germany and today it is still commonly found there. It has become one of the most popular last names in Germany, ranking 74th out of a total of 80,000 last names. It is especially popular in the state of Bavaria.

Outside of Germany, the Jackisch surname can be spotted in countries like the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. During the 19th and 20th centuries, many German immigrants made their way to American shores, among them people with the Jackisch surname. As a result, the name has become well established in the US.

Although the Jackisch name is still relatively uncommon elsewhere, it is slowly but surely gaining traction in other countries. For instance, in the UK, the Office for National Statistics reported 2,481 individuals with the surname Jackisch in 2020 - an increase of nearly 400 people since 2005.

Clearly, the Jackisch surname has a rich history and an even brighter future ahead of it. Even amidst the ups and downs of migrating around the world, this last name has endured and flourished.

Variations of the surname Jackisch

Jackisch is a German surname of patronymic origin which means “son of Jack”. The variants, spellings and surnames of this name include: Jacobisch, Jakobisch, Jakobs, Jakobsen, Jakobsohn, Jacobsen, Jacobsohn, Jakubowicz, Jakubus, Jakobus, Jackobus, Jakubek, Jakobi, Jakobowicz, Jakobowicz, Jäckel, Jackels, Jäckelsen, Jackelsens, Jäckelsson, Jackelssons, Jäckle, Jackels, Jäckles, Jackles, Jagsch, Jaecksch, Jackisch, Jaeckisch, Jakesch, Jäksch, Jaeksch, Jaecken, Jakschen, Jaenisch, Jaenike, Jaenicke, and Janschke.

The patronymic origin of the surname Jackisch means that the surname could have even more variants, spellings and surnames, especially from dialectal and foreign language forms of the origin name. The name Jackisch is derived from a personal name, Jack, that is a pet form of the name Jacob, which can be found in other surnames like Jacobsen, Jacobson, and Jacoby.

Jackisch is a fairly common surname in Germany with a large concentration in the eastern parts of the country. The variants and spellings of this name can appear in different countries outside of Germany, like the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Denmark and Sweden. Variants of this surname are more likely to appear in foreign records like immigration papers from the countries mentioned earlier.

Famous people with the name Jackisch

  • Paul Jackisch: German hurdler and 1987 World Champion in the 110 meters hurdles
  • Brian Jackisch: American professional basketball player for the Jacksonville Sharks, Sacramento Kings and San Antonio Spurs
  • Jens Jackisch: German football (soccer) player for the national team and FC St. Pauli
  • Charlie Jackisch: American Major League Baseball player for the Boston Braves and the Philadelphia Athletics
  • Alex Jackisch: German rhythmic gymnast and three-time Olympian
  • Harry Jackisch: American Olympic rower who competed in the 1936 Berlin Olympics
  • Isabelle Jackisch: German singer and harpist
  • Sarah Jackisch: German painter and sculptor
  • Klaus Jackisch: German actor, musician, and writer
  • Gary Jackisch: American paleontologist and science writer

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