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Surname Jacobi - Meaning and Origin

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Unraveling the Threads of My Ancestry: A Review of iGENEA DNA Test and The Surname 'Jacobi.'

Exploring one's roots can be a fascinating journey. iGENEA DNA test offered a deeper understanding of the history of my surname, 'Jacobi.' The accuracy of the test results and the detailed insights about my paternal and maternal lineage was an enriching experience. It revealed my Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry and unveiled the historical migrations and settlements of my ancestors in Central and Eastern Europe.

F. Jacobi

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Jacobi: What does the surname Jacobi mean?

The last name Jacobi is a patronymic last name, meaning it originated from the first name of a paternal ancestor. It is derived from the biblical name Jacob, and is an occupational name which means ‘a supplanter’. It is a common Jewish surname, usually connected to the Yiddish language, and is most likely to have originated in Germany or Eastern Europe.

The root of the Jacobi family name can be traced back to the 12th century, when it was first used to identify families who served as retainers to kings and princes. Over time, the name became more widely used and eventually spread throughout the Old World.

Today, the surname Jacobi is associated with a variety of cultural backgrounds. Throughout Europe, it is most commonly found in Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, and Eastern Europe. It is also common in the United States, where it is frequently found within Jewish American communities.

In conclusion, the surname Jacobi is a common, patronymic last name which means ‘a supplanter’. It originated from the biblical name Jacob and is associated with a variety of cultures throughout the world. It is most commonly found in Germany, Poland, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, and the United States.

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Jacobi: Where does the name Jacobi come from?

The last name Jacobi is most highly concentrated in Germany, making up 0.03% of the population, followed by Austria (0.01%) and the United States (0.008%). It is also reasonably common in the United Kingdom (0.005%), Switzerland (0.004%), France (0.003%), Belgium (0.003%), Brazil (0.003%), Australia (0.002%), and Luxembourg (0.001%).

The name is of Hebrew origin, derived from Ya'akov and the Latinized Jacobus, which are both variants of the Jewish name Jacob, which itself means "supplanter". The latinized form can be found in italicized documents, indicating the name could be of Italian origin.

A more recent example is Professor Johannes Jacobi, a German chemist who studied under Robert Bunsen at the University of Marburg in the 19th century. He discovered picric acid, glucose-sensitivity and the Jacobi indicator. A crater on Mars was later named after him in 1971.

The name is also found among notable people such as German mathematician Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi and Swedish author Henrik Johan Ibsen whose father, Knud Ibsen, was known to use the surname Jacobi professionally.

Today, the name is found as a surname amongst individuals of mostly Germanic, Jewish and Scandinavian descent.

Variations of the surname Jacobi

The surname Jacobi is a common German and Jewish surname with several variants and spellings. It comes from the given name Jacob, a Biblical name derived from the Hebrew Ya'aqob, meaning “He who supplants” or “holder of the heel” and is used mainly by persons of Jewish descent.

Variants and spellings related to the surname Jacobi include Jakoby, Jochoby, Jocubi, Jakobowsky, Jakoby, Jakubowicz, Josobi, Jakobson, Jakobowsky, Matuschka, Jacoebisch, Jacobeisch, Akeve, Jakobus, Jachell, Jakoubi, Jacoubi, Jacubski, Yakobovich, Yakoboff, Yakobson, Yakoby, Jakobowicz, Jakobsky, Yakobi, Yakoboff, Jakobovits, Yakobowitz, Yakoby, Yaakovitz, Yekobovitch, Iacubo, Iakobiuc, Iakovlev, Yakobov, Yakubov, Yakovlev, Jakobowizt, Jacombe, Iakovliev, and Yakobitch.

Several variants of Jacobi are also used in different countries. In Russia, it is often spelled Yakobov, Yakubov, or Yakovlev. In Poland, it is often spelled Jakubowicz or Jakobowski. In the Ukraine, the surname is often spelled Yakobiv, Yakobov, or Jocobi. In Serbia, the surname is spelled Jakobovic, Yakobovich, Yakoboss, or Yakobram.

The surnames Matuschka and Jacombe are also derivatives of the original Jacobi, though they are more commonly seen as feminine versions of the name. Finally, another variant is the Austrian name Jacoubi, which is a more modern spelling of the name.

Famous people with the name Jacobi

  • Sir Derek Jacobi: An English actor, best known for his roles in productions such as I, Claudius (1976), Gandhi (1982) and television series Vicious (2013–16).
  • Martin Jacobi: A German American actor widely known for his appearances in films such as Sideways (2004) and his Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouth (2011).
  • Sid Jacobson: An artist and writer best known for co-creating the series The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers (1971–84).
  • Mark Jacobson: An American journalist and writer who is best known for his investigative pieces for New York magazine.
  • Jacob Jacobi: A German physicist and mathematician renowned for being one of the founders of the fields of mathematical physics and of computer algebra systems.
  • Kenneth Jacobi: An American classical flutist, heralded for his numerous recordings, among them the complete works of J.S. Bach for solo flute.
  • George Jacobi: A prominent Ecuadorian plastic artist and sculptor.
  • Joe Jacobi: An Olympic canoer who competed for the United States in the 1992 and 1996 games, winning gold medals in the slalom class at both games.
  • Jaume Jaconell: A Spanish fencing Master and the first Olympic Fencing champion from Spain, as well as one of the significant personalities in early modern fencing.
  • Bonnie Jacobson: An American neuroscientist and academician who specializes in understanding the functioning of the hippocampus, and a life member of the National Academy of Sciences.

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