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Surname Jacobus - Meaning and Origin

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Jacobus: What does the surname Jacobus mean?

The last name Jacobus is derived from the Hebrew personal name Ya’akov, which is the Hebrew form of the name Jacob. In Hebrew, Ya’akov is a compound of two words: Ya, which means “he will”, and akav, which means “follow”. Therefore, the literal translation of Ya’akov is “he will follow”.

The surname Jacobus is a patronymic, or a name derived from the given name of a person’s father. It is also known as a hereditary surname because it is often passed down from one generation to the next. This surname often indicates that the person is descended from someone who was named Jacob and that their last name was based on their ancestor’s given name.

Jacobus is not only a patronymic;it can also be a nickname, which was given to someone with the given name of Jacob. Nicknames are often a way of giving a person a unique or special name that can easily be associated with them. The nickname Jacobus could also have been used to refer to an individual character or attribute of the person with the given name of Jacob.

The surname Jacobus has come to be associated with many prominent individuals, including writers, artists, politicians, and religious figures. The name is most common in Western and Central Europe, but it can also be found in different countries around the world.

Ultimately, the surname Jacobus is a patronymic and a nickname, derived from the Hebrew Ya’akov. It is a way of saying “he will follow” and has been used to refer to many prominent individuals throughout history.

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Jacobus: Where does the name Jacobus come from?

The last name Jacobus is most commonly found in the Netherlands, especially in the Dutch province of Friesland. It is also present in other European countries, among them Germany and France, and up until the twentieth century was present in Jewish families who had emigrated at some point from the Netherlands. Outside of Europe, the last name Jacobus can be found in the United States, especially in New York, California, and Florida.

In the United States, the immigration of the last name Jacobus dates back to the first half of the nineteenth century. Before that, most of the Jacobus' had immigrated from Europe to the United States for economic reasons and to escape religious persecution. As a result, the name spread to different parts of the country and can now be found in all states of the US.

In the Netherlands, the surname Jacobus is especially common in the province of Friesland. This is due to the fact that the Jacobus family is rooted in the brunches, or house- and farm-names found across Friesland. They were also the original settlers in the city of Leeuwarden, where today representatives of the Jacobus family still live.

It can be concluded that the last name Jacobus is most likely to be found in the Netherlands and the United States, though it is present in other European countries and some parts of the world. Though the origin of the name is uncertain, evidence suggests that it is traced back to the Netherlands, especially the province of Friesland.

Variations of the surname Jacobus

Jacobus is a very common Mortherland name throughout Europe and also in the United States. The main variants of Jacobus are:

Jacobeus: a Dutch variation of the name Jacobus.

Jacobi: a German and Scandinavian variation of the name.

Iacob: a Romanian variation of the name.

Jacqua: a French variation of the name.

Jacques: a French contraction of the Latin name Jacobus.

Jacobsen: a Danish, Norwegian, and German variation of the name.

Jacobin: an English variation of the name.

Jacobos: a Spanish variation of the name.

Jacobs: an English, Dutch, and German variation of the name.

Jakubs: a Lithuanian variation of the name.

Jacobian: an English variation derived from the Latin name Jacobus.

Other surnames associated with Jacobus are:

Jacobszoon: Dutch variation of Jacobus.

Jacobsohn: Hebrew translation of the name Jacobus.

Jacobowsky: a Jewish variation of the name.

Jacobowitz: a Yiddish (Ashkenazi) variation of the name.

Jacobsen-Lange: Danish variation of the name.

Jacobsmeyer: a German spelling of the name.

Jacomb: an English surname derived from Jacomus, a Latin variant of the name Jacobus.

Jacomus: a Latin variation of the name Jacobus.

Jacquemin: a French variation of the name.

Jacobiene: a Dutch variation of the name.

Jacobides: a Greek variation of the name.

Jacobi-Addison: an English variation of the name.

Jacobsohn: a Jewish variation of the name.

Famous people with the name Jacobus

  • Wessel Johannes (Johannes) Jacobus Le Roux (1904–1971), South African politician
  • Dawie Jacobs (1953–present), South African professor at Stellenbosch University
  • Etta Jacobus (1921–2017), American Broadway and film actress
  • Jack Jacobus (1952–present), Canadian ice hockey left winger
  • Peter Jacobus (1690–1762), American Friends minister
  • Anna Jacobus (1915–2012), American painter and sculptor
  • Jonathan Jacobus (1947–present), American Saudi Arabian business leader
  • Arthur Jacobus (1912–1991), South African police officer
  • Zadok Jacobus (ca. 1770–1850), American silversmith
  • Aodhfin Jacobus (1929–1995), Irish sculptor

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