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Surname Jacobsson - Meaning and Origin

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Jacobsson: What does the surname Jacobsson mean?

The last name Jacobsson is an patronymic Swedish surname, which means "son of Jacob". It is derived from the given name Jacob, which is derived from the Hebrew name Yaakov (meaning "supplanter" or "may God protect") and was popularized during the Christianization of Scandinavia.

The name is most common in Sweden. Individuals with the last name Jacobsson are thought to have originally been farmers, who belonged to a small community in northern Sweden in the 16th century. As the family spread through the region, they eventually moved to other parts of the country and to other regions of Europe as well.

Today, the descendants of those early Jacobssons can be found all around the world. As a result, Jacobsson families have than a few branches with different spellings of the name, such as Jakobson, Jakobsson, Jakobsen, and Jacobsen.

In addition to being a patronymic name, Jacobsson can also be used as an occupational name, referring to someone who was related to the Church of Jacob or was one of its members. The religious order was an exclusive Lutheran sect that existed in Sweden in the 17th century.

No matter the origin, the name Jacobsson signifies a strong historical connection to Sweden - even for those who are now of distant origins. It is a name that carries with it the proud tradition of Swedish heritage, and those who bear it can be sure of its legacy.

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Jacobsson: Where does the name Jacobsson come from?

The surname Jacobsson is primarily found in Scandinavia. It is most common in Sweden, where it is the 11th most common name. It is also found in Finland, Norway, and Denmark. Jacobsson is derived from the given name Jacob, a Hebrew name that means "one who supplants". This surname is oldest recorded from the 1600s in Sweden.

The prevalence of the name has contributed to its presence around the world today. In the US, Jacobsson is primarily found in the Midwestern region of the country. Larger populations of the surname can also be found in Scotland, the UK, Australia, Canada, and Germany.

Jacobsson is also present in larger numbers in certain South American countries, including Brazil, Venezuela, and Colombia. In all of these countries, the surname is highly concentrated in the urban centers, especially on the coast.

In Sweden, the Jacobsson surname is still very common with about 110,000 people carrying it and another 50,000 worldwide. This distributed much of the Scandinavian population who have spread out to other parts of the world and emigrated out of the region.

Variations of the surname Jacobsson

Variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin for the surname Jacobsson include those with close variants such as ‘Jakobsson’ and ‘Jakobsen’. There are also several Swedish dialectic variants that include ‘Jacobson’, ‘Jacobson’, ‘Jacobsen’ and ‘Jacobzin’. Additional spellings include ‘Jacobzén’, ‘Jacobsöner’, ‘Jacobsdotter’ and ‘Jacobskind’. There are also rare alternatives such as ‘Jacopatz’ and ‘Jacobssen’.

Those with the Jacobsson surname may also encounter alternative national spellings as ‘Yaakovson’, ‘Yaakovsen’ and ‘Yahkovson’ commonly used in Russia and other Eastern European countries. Additional variants include the Greek ‘Iakovos’, the Finnish ‘Jacobsoni’, the German ‘Jacobsohn’ and the Dutch ‘Jacobszoon’.

Other surname forms may also be encountered due to surname translations. These alternate translations can include ‘De Jacobson’, ‘Do Jacob’, ‘Del Jacob’, ‘Du Jacob’ and ‘Da Jaco’. The surname is also known to have been translated to English in the 18th century, resulting in variants like ‘Jakes’, ‘Jackson’, ‘Jacobs’ and ‘Jameson’. These surname translations often occur when individuals with the Jacobsson surname emigrate to another country.

Famous people with the name Jacobsson

  • Alfredo Jacobsson: A famous Colombian fashion designer, known for his high production standards.
  • Alexander Jacobsson: A Swedish model, actor, and television presenter who was featured in the Swedish version of Survivor.
  • Alvedon Jacobsson: A Swedish defenseman who played six seasons in the Swedish Hockey League and internationally for Sweden since 2012.
  • Anna Jacobsson: A Swedish actress from the 1950s and 1960s, known for her role on the popular show Vingarna.
  • Anna-Karin Jacobsson: A Swedish field hockey player who competed in the 2004 Athens Olympics and won a bronze medal in the 2006 World Cup.
  • Carl Jacobsson: A Swedish chemist who invented the zinc–zinc chloride battery.
  • Fernanda Jacobsson: A Swedish actress and singer who has appeared in many movies, television shows, and radio programs.
  • Joel Jacobsson: A Swedish skateboarder who is a four-time world champion in across-style skating.
  • Marianne Jacobsson: A Swedish figure skater who won a bronze medal at the 1972 Winter Olympics.
  • Niklas Jacobsson: A Swedish speed skater who competed in three different Olympics and won six gold medals in age group speed skating.

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