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Surname Jacobie - Meaning and Origin

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Jacobie: What does the surname Jacobie mean?

The last name Jacobie is of German and Jewish origin. It is derived from the first name Jacob, which is a variation of the Hebrew male name Yaakov meaning “supplanter”. In Germany, the name Jacobie was adopted from this biblical name. The use of this surname can also be found in some English-speaking countries, such as the United States.

The surname Jacobie is thought to have first been used by German settlers in the 1600s, and is often found in records of German or Eastern European Jewish families. The German form of the surname was likely originated from the spelling of Jakob, meaning “he who supplants”, the same meaning as Yaakov in the Hebrew bible.

The last name Jacobie is quite common around the world. It is found in several different languages, including French, English, German, and Polish. In certain locations, the spelling modifier of the surname may differ slightly, such as “Jacobieh” or “Jacobys”.

In general, those who bear the surname Jacobie are thought to be of strong character and independent nature. Those that possess this surname can be proud to have inherited a name steeped in centuries of history.

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Jacobie: Where does the name Jacobie come from?

The last name Jacobie is of German origin. The origins of the name are unclear but many experts believe it is a derivative of Jakob, which is a variant of the Hebrew name Jacob, which means “he who supplants” or “he who follows”.

The surname was first found in Oldenburg, located in the northwest corner of Germany, where the earliest recorded bearer of the name was Johannes Jacobi, who was a witness in a feud between Conrad Held and the Bishop of Oldenburg in 1621.

Today, the last name is found all over the world, particularly in places with strong Germanic or Jewish cultures and heritages such as Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic, and other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. It is also common in South and Latin America due to migration and in the United States, Canada and the UK due to immigration.

It is not the most common last name, but it is certainly not a rare one either, and can be found in many nations around the world.

Variations of the surname Jacobie

The surname Jacobie is a variant spelling of Jacobi. Other similar surnames include Jacobs, Jacobson, Jacobsen and Jakobson. Surnames derived from the patronymic Jacobi may have any number of different variant spellings; for example, Jacobs could be seen as Jaco, Kobbert, or Kubick, while Jacobsen could also be Jacobson, Jakobson, or Jakobsen.

Jacobi is a patronymic surname, which means it grew in popularity and evolved from a personal name. In this case, the personal name was Jacob. This name is derived from the Hebrew personal name Yaʻaqob, meaning "Supplanter" or "he who grasps the heel (of the birth baby)".

Other surnames derived from Jacobi include Jacobovitz, Jacobowitz, Jakobowicz, Jacoby, Jakoby, Jakebovitz, Jacobus, Jakob, Jakobi, Jaime, Jacobides, Jacobson, and Jakobide. Spellings of the surname may differ depending on language, with Yacubovitz and Yakobovitš in Russian, Jakobsoh in German, and Yakobovich in Ukrainian being some of the more common spellings. Similarly, variants of Jacobs, Jacobson, and Jacobsen may be found in different languages and dialects with different spellings.

Overall, the many variations of the surname Jacobi reflect its long history of use and its spread as a result of migration.

Famous people with the name Jacobie

  • Shaun Jacobie: host of Aboriginal TV show Rabbit Proof Fence
  • David Jacobie: former President of the US
  • Mark Jacobie: Australian Football League referee
  • Ashleigh Jacobie: actress and dancer
  • Joshua Jacobie: Broadway actor
  • Sarah Jacobie: Grammy Award winning singer
  • Peter Jacobie: Olympic fencer
  • Laura Jacobie: award-winning sculptor
  • Theresa Jacobie: painter and sculptor
  • Garrett Jacobie: Olympic gymnast
  • Julian Jacobie: professional surfer
  • Mikayla Jacobie: Paralympic gold medalist
  • Colleen Jacobie: journalist
  • Benjamin Jacobie: professional bull rider
  • Erik Jacobie: movie star
  • Victoria Jacobie: fashion designer
  • Rebecca Jacobie: children’s book author
  • Tom Jacobie: professional golfer
  • Alan Jacobie: international photographer and filmmaker
  • Jan Jacobie: documentary filmmaker

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